Kyuusei Sentai Wakusaver 03

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Kyuusei Sentai Wakusaver
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July 16, 2021 (2021-07-16)

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Questionable Captions

  • Wakuseiber for Wakusaver
  • Year for yeah
  • Gail for gale


  • One of the sponsors is Lady Trooper Chocolate. Sentouin (trooper) is the same term used for Shocker Troopers (the grunts that screech "ii!" and fight Kamen Riders) so it may be a reference to that.
  • The other sponsor is Tokyo Legenmirror Hotel which is a parody of Tokyo La'gent Hotel. But it's also a parody of the Legenmirror porn hero series by GIGA.
  • GIGA NEWS is one of the news sites. GIGA is the porn company that is producing this series.