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Planetary Savior Squadron Wakusaver (救星戦隊ワクセイバー)

A toku series by GIGA. The company mainly creates pornos along a heroine theme. The TV series is supposed to be clean, with a porno movie that came later.

Aired July 2nd through July 30th at 7:30 at night. A sequel season started airing October 29th the same year.


  • Katori Yuuki / Red Mars - Takamatsu Eisuke レッドマーズ/火鳥勇貴 - 高松英佑
  • Mizusaki Satoru / Blue Mercury - Matsuo Kotaro ブルーマーキュリー/水崎智 - 松尾絋太郎
  • Hibino Makoto / Yellow Sun - Seiji Mizuki イエローサン/日比野信 - 勢司瑞季
  • Kido Renon / Green Jupiter - Saito Minato グリーンジュピター/木戸礼音 - 斉藤挙人
  • Nishina Otoha / Pink Earth - Sato Nonoka ピンクアース/仁科おとは - 佐藤ののか
  • Plapine - Tenma Yui プラピーヌ  - 天馬ゆい
  • Garufoza -  Umekawa Arashi ガルフォーザー -  梅川嵐
  • Rajura - Tenma Yui ラージュラ  - 天馬ゆい
  • Vurnesia - Shijimi ヴァルネシア  - しじみ
  • Gideath Scorpio - 忌塔飛 ジーデスコルビオ - 忌塔飛
  • Gideath Battle - 弧活 ジーデスバットル - 弧活
  • Disepter (ディセプター)



Episode Title Air date Writer Director Viewership
Ep 01 Birth of the Planetary Saviors! Oath to the Future
July 2, 2021 (2021-07-02) Hiki Hajime Unatsuki 3.62 / 5
Ep 02 Go, Hero Who Protects the Blue Peace!
July 9, 2021 (2021-07-09) Hiki Hajime Unatsuki 3.78 / 5
Ep 03 Dance, Cheerful Warrior of Light!
July 16, 2021 (2021-07-16) Hiki Hajime Unatsuki 3.88 / 5
Ep 04 Whip Up a Whirlwind Like a Storm!
July 23, 2021 (2021-07-23) Hiki Hajime Unatsuki 4 / 5
Ep 05 First Awakening! The Ones Chosen by the Planets!
July 30, 2021 (2021-07-30) Hiki Hajime Unatsuki 2.67 / 5
Ep 06
DVD release
August 27, 2021 (2021-08-27)
/ 5


  • Singers - MOKA, Takeru
  • Lyrics and Composer - MOKA
  • Arranger - 能見杉太

Questionable Captions

The YouTube stream comes with English subs of questionable quality. Lines are frequently left untranslated and there are blatant errors.

  • Wakusaver would be translated as Wakuseiber. Kyuusei Sentai as "the planet force".
  • "Yeah" would be "Year".
  • Special attack names are missing in the first two episodes. The transformation device voice is left untranslated up through episode 3.


  • On the offigial Giga website, they spell it Wakusaber, but this is probably a mistake. The kanji used for "Kyuusei" mean "planetary savior". Also, they've made other series that use the word "Saver" in English in the title.
  • The Wakusavers usually share a kanji in their name with the planet they're related to.
    • Katori shares the fire kanji with Mars (kasei).
    • Mizusaki shares the water kanji with Mercury (suisei).
    • Hibino shares the sun kanji with the sun.
    • Kido shares the tree kanji with Jupiter (mokusei).
  • Plapine probably gets his name from Planet and Lapine, the French word for "rabbit".

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