Katou Yakumo

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Katou "Cloud" Yakumo
Japanese 加藤・クラウド・八雲
Actor Matsumoto Gaku
Age 19
Alt identity Aoninger
Other names Cloud
Series Shuriken Sentai Ninninger
Allegiance Igasaki Clan
Catchphrase "It's easy."
Predecessor Igasaki Yoshitaka
Relatives Igasaki Tsumuji Uncle
Igasaki Yoshitaka Grandpa


Nickname is Cloud.

19 Years Old.

Played by Matsumoto Gaku.

A main character on Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. Grandson of the Last Ninja.

Has been studying abroad, learning Western magic at an English school for magic.

Personality and traits

Loves splendor, and is the spoiled, rich-boy type.

He may seem cool, but actually is easily exasperated.

He feels that Western magic is superior to Eastern Ninjutsu.


  • Igasaki Takaharu - Refers to him as Taka-nii. While he looks up to his older cousin, he also feels a rivalry with him.
  • Momochi Kasumi - Refers to her as Kasumi-nee


  • Yakumo literally means 8 clouds or clouds in all directions.


(Blue ninger アオニンジャー)

The roaring Cloud!

Played by Nakata Yuji.

Basic Equipment

Ninip nit.png
Ninja Ichibantou (Ninja First/Best Sword)

The Ninninger's base weapon, as well as what they use for their transformation device. Ichibantou means "first sword", but ichiban can also mean "best" in Japanese.

Ninip ggj.png
Gamagama Gun (Toad Gun)

The Gamagama gun is toad shaped. It can fire bullets as well as has a tongue attack. In the Ninjutsu Dojo, the Gamagama Guns can detect the creation of new Youkai, causing them to start making "gerogero" noises, the Japanese onomatopoeia for croaking.

Ninip khg.png
Karakuri Hengen (Clockwork Transformer)

Has four modes
Bow Mode (Yumi)
Claw Mode (Tsume)
Blade Mode (Yaiba)

Ninblue soubi.png
Henge Nin Shuriken and Dragomaru


Yakumo's Otomo Nin is a dragon. When the dragon enters, it appears on a kite, like flying ninja from popular media.

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