Kamen Rider Battride War

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Release date: May 23, 2013 (2013-05-23)

Single Player

Game console supported: PlayStation 3

Price: 7480 yen, 10,480 yen (Premium TV Sound Edition)

Rating: Cero B (12+)

Has a sequel: Kamen Rider Battride War II

Limited Edition Version[edit]

The limited edition version came with like 30 songs from the show that would play during certain times.


※Actors marked with this mean they're not the original actor.

  • Kamen Rider Hibiki - ?
  • Kamen Rider Ibuki - ?
  • Rampaging Douji
  • Kamen Rider Faiz - ?
  • Kamen Rider Kaixa - ?
  • Horse Orphenoch - ?
  • Kamen Rider Kuuga - ?
  • N Daguba Zeba - ?
A yellow glowing light with wings. She helps the Kamen Riders through the Birdcage. Her name is the pronunciation for Canary in Japanese.
A black glowing light with wings. Canaria's ex-husband. Karasu means Crow in Japanese.
  • Tsubame
Canaria's son. Tsubame means Swallow in Japanese.


Go get 'em


Custom Soundtrack Feature[edit]

Both versions of the game include a custom soundtrack feature. It allows you to play songs on your PS3 at certain points in the game.


Going to the Japan PSN store will allow you to download the following:

  • Wizard Infinity Style - Free
  • Beast Hyper - Free


Name Cost Grade Effect Unlock

Kuuga Mighty Form

C HP Up (Small)
Max health is a bit higher

Kuuga Dragon Form

C Normal attack range up (Small)
Range for normal attacks slightly larger

Kuuga Pegasus Form

C Finisher range up (Small)
Finisher attack range is up

Kuuga Titan Form

C Guard endurance up (Small)
Guard endurance lasts a bit longer

Kuuga Rising Mighty

B Health up (Medium)

Kuuga Rising Dragon

B Normal Attack Range Up (Medium)

Kuuga Rising Pegasus

B Finisher Attack Range Up (Medium)

Kuuga Rising Titan

B Guard endurance up (Medium)

Kuuga Amazing Mighty

A Finisher Power Up (Medium)

Kuuga Ultimate Form

S Health Up (Big)

Agito Ground Form

5000 C Health Up (Small) W's Attack!?

Agito Flam Form

5000 C Normal Attack Power Up (Small) W's Attack!?

Agito Storm Form

5000 C Finisher Attack Up (Small) W's Attack!?

Agito Trinity Form


B Attacks Power Up (Small)
All attacks power slightly up

Agito Burning Form

25000 A Attacks Power Up (Big)


5000 C Ally Health Up (Medium) W's Attack!?

Blade Jack Form

10000 B Aerial attack power up (Medium)

Den-O Sword Form

5000 C Finisher attack power up (Small) W's Attack!?

Den-O Rod Form

5000 C Finisher range up (medium)
For comboes over 30, finisher range increases
W's Attack!?

Den-O Axe Form

5000 C Defense Up (Small) W's Attack!?

Den-O Gun Form

5000 C Super Finisher Items Up (Small) W's Attack!?

W CycloneJoker

5000 C Combo count time lengthen
Time between attacks that count as a combo is lengthened
W's Attack!?

W HeatMetal

5000 C Normal Attack Power Up (Small) W's Attack!?

W LunaTrigger

5000 C Attack Range Up (Small)
All attack raange up
W's Attack!?

Wizard Flame Style

5000 C Super Finisher gauge medium recover
For every 50 enemies defeated, super finisher gauge recovers

Wizard Water Style

1000 B HP Big recovery
HP gauge recovers for every 50 enemies defeated


5000 C XP Up (Small) W's Attack!?


5000 C Super finisher recovery items up(Small)
When HP is 50% or lower, super finisher items are slightly more effective
W's Attack!?

Zeronos Zero Form

5000 C Enemy guard down W's Attack!?


4000 C Finisher attack up (Big)
Defense down, finishers up
W's Attack!?

Ant Lord

4000 C Each time damage is done, HP slightly recovers W's Attack!?


4000 C Comrade health up (Small) Start

Dark Roach

4000 C Stun attack
Slight probability that attacks will cause a stun effect
W's Attack!?

Leo Soldier

4000 C Comrade attack up (Small) W's Attack!?

Shocker Combatant (1)

4000 C XP up (Small)
Max HP slightly down

Masquerade Dopant

4000 C Comrade attack up (Small) W's Attack!?

Weather Dopant

20000 A Super finisher gauge recovery up (large)
For combos over 50, the super finisher gauge recovery goes up
W's Attack!?

Decade Gekijoutai

900000 S Always in super mode
Invalidates items
After going in this form, it's not possible to return to normal except for Riders that return to their base forms on their bikes. Because of this, a super finisher can only be used once
When using this skill figure to go into a super form, it also cancels out combos.
Chronicle Mode Cleared

Machine Tornador

9000 B Bike speed medium up / Acceleration slightly down W's Attack!?

Blude Spader

9000 B Bike cornering slightly up/Speed slightly up W's Attack!?

Machine Denbird

9000 B Bike cornering big up / Endurance medium down. W's Attack!?

Hard Boilder

9000 B Bike speed medium up / Cornering slightly down W's Attack!?

Machine Winger

9000 B Bike speed big up / Acceleration medium down Start

Accel Bike Form

9000 B Bike cornering medium up / Speed small down W's Attack!?
Wizard All Dragon DLC ?Supposedly greatly increases XP gain From the soundtrack Go get'em CD first press


  • The voice of Canaria was Ibara-hime on Akazukin. She's also the voice of Kivaara.
  • Ootsuka Houchuu (Karasu) was also the voice of Deneb on Den-O.

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