Genkai Toppa Max Robo!

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Max Robo
Official Lyrics from the DVD booklet

A song from Sexy Voice and Robo. It is the theme song for Robo's favorite anime, Max Robo.


Lyricist - Cookie
Composer - Nakatsuka Takeshi
Singer - Takatori Hideaki

The DVD includes two clips of animation for Max Robo's opening.


Karaoke Translation
Max!! Dadan dan daann!
Max!~ Gagan gan gaann!
Tsuyoi ze! Tsuyoi ze! Muteki da ze!
Ai to jiyuu to heiwa wo mamoru tame
Neptulantis taosu no da!
Dash! Dash! Max Dash!
Moeru yuujou
Itsutsu no yuuki ga atsumatte
Genkai toppa da! Max Robo!!
Atsui ze Atsui ze Moeteru ze
Bokura no hahaboshi mamoru seigi no kokoro
Jigoku no akuma wo taosu no da
Attack! Attack! Max Attack!
Hashire inazuma
Itsutsu no HAATO ga kasanatte
Saikyou kakumei Max Robo!!
Max! Dan dadan dandaan dan!
Max! Gagan gangaan gan!
He’s strong! He’s strong! He’s invincible!
To protect love and freedom and peace
You must defeat Neptulantis!
Dash! Dash! Max Dash!
Burning friendship
When five courages come together
Break through your limits! Max Robo!


  • In the bonus animation, the title of the song is "Genkai Toppa Max Robo!"
  • Whoever did the lyrics for the animation got them wrong. The first two lines have an extra "dan" and "gan" at the end.
  • Takatori Hideaki is famous for singing various mecha anime (as well as tokusatsu) themes.
  • In the credit, it says it's made by Toaru Studio, which basically means "some studio" in Japanese.
  • The credits also say it was produced in association with TV-Yarou, Shounen Daishou, and Ginmaku Jidai.
  • When the different vehicles combine, they form a M symbol.
  • In the second version of the opening, it shows footage of Max Robo's enemies, Neptulantis.