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Episode 19
Paradise 楽園
Garo ~Makai Senki~ episode
Director Amemiya Keita
Original air date February 16, 2012 (2012-02-16)
Viewership 0.7%
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Garo ~Makai Senki~
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Air date: February 16, 2012 (2012-02-16)


  • As Kouga watches the masked man and Roudo battle against each other, he overhears Leo refer to the other as "Brother". It is later revealed that the masked man is Leo's elder twin, Sigma and thus he was the one who branded the Makai Knights with the Seal of Destruction.
  • Sigma thought he and Leo had the same ideals, but Leo no longer agrees with his views and pleads for Sigma to surrender. Infuriated, Sigma disowns Leo as his brother and escapes by self-destructing his creations. Later at Saejima manor, Kouga, Rei, and Leo have a discussion of recent events. Rei says that he intends to concede to Sigma's demands of the Makai Knights surrendering to the Makai Priests. Rei believes all of the infighting is costing civilian lives and it is pointless to maintain his Makai Knighthood in such a fashion.
  • It is then that Leo decides to tell the two everything: Sigma and Leo are the twin sons of the Fudou Gouki, the previous Makai Knight Roudo, and both were raised to become potential inheritors to that title. Under the harsh training from their Makai Knight father, the two became strong warriors. Of the two, Sigma was the most talented in combat as well as magic.
  • Upon adulthood, Sigma was infuriated to know he was denied of his expected inheritance and disappeared for several years. Leo demanded to know why did his father chose him over Sigma, despite the latter's superior abilities, and Gouki explained the most important characteristic for a Makai Knight to have is the heart of a protector, something that Sigma lacked.
  • Years later, Sigma would return as a skilled Makai Priest. Along with a fellow priest, his mute girlfriend Mio, the two intended to create the ultimate MaGouryuu Idea, to permanently eliminate the Horror blight for the rest of time. It was their research that revealed they can utilize Horrors as a energy source to generate the necessary energy to power Idea.
  • With Mio's research, Sigma found the resting place of the corpse of the Horror Ganon, with the intent to use the corpse as a power source for Idea. Mio felt uncomfortable about the matter and sought Leo's advice over this matter. Still having faith in his brother, Leo comforted Mio that Sigma would not misuse his powers, but also offered her a place to stay if she wanted to remain with him.
  • However, upon seeing Sigma use a prostitute's corpse to create Gigi, and his intentions of using impure humans as fuel for Idea, Mio could not accept Sigma's methods and decided to destroy Ganon. Unfortunately, her attempt led to her death, causing the rift between Leo and Sigma.
  • It is not long until Sigma makes a public announcement for all Makai Knights to either renounce their titles and give up their Makai armor or face death from their Seals of Destruction. However, he makes it clear that Kouga will not be spared.

Guest Stars[edit]

  • Fudou Leo (Young), Fudou Sigma (Young) - Taguchi Tsukasa 布道レオ(幼少時)、布道シグマ(幼少時) - 田口 司
  • Fudou Gouki - Ban Daisuke 布道ゴウキ - 伴 大介
  • Mio - Yoshino Sayaka ミオ - 吉野紗香


  • We learned that the masked man is actually Fudou Sigma.