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Episode 04
Trump Card 切札
Garo ~Makai Senki~ episode
Writer Inoue Toshiki
Director Yokoyama Makoto
Original air date October 27, 2011 (2011-10-27)
Viewership 1.0%
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Garo ~Makai Senki~
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Air date: October 13, 2011 (2011-10-13)


  • After turning down an offer to play against Kaoru and Gonza in a card game, Kouga receives orders to go after a gambling Horror who lures his victims into a deadly game of poker.
  • Posing as a gambler named Mr. Black Jagger, and after receiving a few poker lessons from Zaruba, Kouga enters the poker game as two of the gamblers, the overconfident Big Mama and the cheating Miss Ririka, are sucked into another dimension upon losing.
  • Eventually, upon allowing himself to lose, Kouga ends up in the Horror's domain to discover which of the two remaining players is the Horror. Though the player Kid loses his next hand, he reveals himself to be the Horror's host, stating that he faked his loss so as to sample the soul of the winner (which he claims is a delicacy).
  • But Kouga still has a chip left on him (hidden in Zaruba's mouth) so Kid is forced to get in a win-all card game with his dimensional cards used. When asked to put up collateral for the bet they search his heart to put up that which means most to him, which turns out to be an oblivious Kaoru.
  • Though Kid has four aces and the Joker (which Zaruba had insisted they keep in the game) and is about to win, Kouga destroys the Joker card, which frees the captured gamblers.
  • Furious that he has been tricked, Kid sics his Horror minions on Kouga before assuming his true form as the Horror Genojika. Donning his armor, Garo battles Genojika on rooftops before slaying him in midair. As they are about to leave Zaruba tells Kouga the hand he bluffed with would've been great... had they been playing old maid.



GaroMakai0004 horror04 1.jpg

Human form: Kid

Guest Stars[edit]

Kid - Murakami Kohei キッド - 村上幸平
GaroMakai0004 Kid.jpg
Ririka - Yamamoto Ayano リリカ - 山本彩乃
GaroMakai0004 Ririka.jpg
Big Mama - Satou Naoko ビッグママ - 佐藤直子
GaroMakai0004 Big Mama.jpg
Ichirou - Sakamoto Makoto イチロー - 坂本 真
GaroMakai0004 Ichirou.jpg
Dealer - Kumeta Aya ディーラー - 久米田彩
GaroMakai0004 Dealer.jpg


  • Murakami Kohei is an actor who is well known for his work in Faiz and Cutie Honey.
  • Yamamoto Ayano who played Ririka was also in Cutie Honey's first episode.
  • Sakamoto Makoto is an actor who has also appeared in a few toku series, usually as a big nerd.