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46th Super Sentai series
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Theme Songs

Opening - Ore Koso Only One
Ending - Don't Boo! DonBrothers

Insert Songs

Character Songs

Momoi Tarou's theme - Eien Festival (永縁フェスティバル)
Saruhara Shinichi's theme - Kuusou Dangi (空想談義)
Kitou Haruka's theme - Try it!
Inuzuka Tsubasa's theme - Oboro (朧)
Kijino Tsuyoshi's theme - My Wife is My Life (マイワイフ is マイライフ)
Momotani Jirou's theme - Try! Goodbaru! (トライ! グッドバル!)
Sonoi's theme - Blue Moon
Sononi's theme - Jewel Pieces
Sonoza's theme - What's EMO
Avatar Party! DonBrothers! (アバターパーティー! ドンブラザーズ!)
Don Murasame's theme - Dark・Shark・Rock

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