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アミィ 結月

Portrayed by Konno Ayuri (今野鮎莉).

Her partner is Dricera


Amy is helpful and very empathetic, so she easily makes friends. She exhibits the most ingenuity when it comes to finding a way out of odd situations.

Catchphrase: Wow!


  • Amy and Souji seem to share a special relationship with Nobuharu as he is the oldest member of the team and they are the youngest. They seem to enjoy teasing him the most.
  • Amy is good friends with both Ramirez and Utsusemimaru.


  • Before the start of the series, Amy moves to Japan from America. She hides her identity as KyoryuuPink from her butler Gentle to stop him worrying about her. She's a very good martial artist, even before becoming a Kyouruuger.


  • She has prehensile feet, and can operate various things with her toes alone.
  • A fan of the manga Love Touch.
  • She's also been known to watch old cop movies and high school dramas.
  • Her weapon is one consonant away from being the same as TriceraRanger's. Hers is Dricelance (Dorikeransu ドリケランス) while TriceraRanger's is Tricelance (Torikeransu トリケランス).



The Horned Brave (Tsuno no Yuusha 角の勇者)

Partner - Dricera

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