Udou Nobuharu

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有働 ノブハル

Portrayed by Kinjo Yamato (金城大和)

His partner is Stegotchi


Nobuharu is a very responsible person who always takes into account the feelings of his family. He loves to lighten the mood by telling tokes, usually puns, even though he's not very good at it. The only person who ever laughed at his jokes is his little sister Yuuko's husband.


  • All of the Kyouryuuger's call him Nossan, which he dislikes since it sounds like ossan/old man.
  • He lives with his little sister Yuuko and her daughter/his niece Rika, acting as a father figure for Rika since her father passed away.



  • As KyoryuuBlue, Nobuharu is physically the strongest Kyouryuuger. He uses lots of non-standard attacks like throwing things and ramming into enemies, he always gives these attacks names (all starting with "Nobuharu") and calls them out as he performs them.

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