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Time to Reflect! Even If It's Painful That's Alright[edit]

Instead of Episode 13 the title says Last Episode.

Air date: June 29, 2012

Important things that happened[edit]

  • They receive a letter from Hatte Saburo talking about a second season, as well as a compilation DVD. The AkibaRangers and Hakase watch the DVD together and comment on past episodes.
  • The AkibaRangers do a helmet-less roll call.

Super Sentai References[edit]


  • Episode title is a reference to the ending song lyrics.
  • The narrator from episodes 11-12 takes over Hakase's spot in narrating the opening sequence; this time, in past tense. In addition, the actors portraying the Akibarangers are credited as "Formerly" to indicate that they are no longer Akibarangers.
  • Hakase sings "Heroic Lily" to kill time. This is probably the only instance where we see her do the Aoi voice live.
  • Unique eyecatches this time. They're more old-fashioned looking. Also, with the eyecatches are little narrator moments where he talks about various aspects of the show in a section called the Hikounin Firepower File. The narrator for the file makes a lot of references to Shinkenger.
    • Hikounin Firepower File:
  1. Mo-e Mo-e Zukyuun. At the end he asks if the viewer wants it, since the toy is being sold soon. Sutema Otsu!
  2. Itasshaa Robo. Narrator says "Going forth", which is a Shinkenger thing.
    Kanban Bang - Itasshaa Robo's gun. Kanban being Japanese for "sign".
    Tsundere Sword - Dual swords.
  3. Outrageous Power Part 1 - Covers Deka Wappa and Bouken Scooper. Narrator goes off on a tangent about DekaBlue/Houji.
  4. Outrageous Power Part 2 - Covers Jet Winger. Narrator goes off on a tangent about Black Condor / Yuuki Gai. When talking about the Outrageous Cannon, he phrases is the way Shinkenger mecha would be when combining.

At the end of the File corners, the narrator mentions Black Condor and DekaBlue again. That's because the S.H. Figuarts for those two figures will be going on sale later this year. This and the Salvage Mice plugs are the quintessential examples of stealth marketing! Sutema Otsu!

Speaking of similarities to Shinkenger, the segments are in acts just like the Shinkenger episodes. Plus, the numbers use the archaic kanji (Which Shinkenger doesn't actually do for the episode numbers, but for the titles there is a lot of old kanji). The narrator ends the fourth File the way Shinkenger does at the end of their episodes.

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