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"Four character idioms" 四字熟語


  • In DekaRanger, many of the lines that Ban shout out are idioms such as this.
  • All the titles in Shougeki Gouraigan are yojijukugo.
  • The format of Fourze's titles are in yojimukugo format.


  • 不撓不屈 Futou Fukutsu - Indomitable
  • 自業自得 Jigou Jitoku - Reap what you sow.
  • 公私混同 Koushi Kondou - Mixing up official business with personal affairs. Mixing public policy with private interest.
  • 一陽来復 Ichiyou Raifuku - A return to fortune
  • 帰家穏座 Kika Onza - Home sweet home
  • 無始無終 Mushi Mushuu - Everlasting
  • 大願成就 Taigan Jouju - Realization of a great ambition

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