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User: Shimura Junichi 志村 純一

First appearance: Kamen Rider Blade 28-31
Played by: Kuroda Yuuki

Main appearance: Kamen Rider Blade the Movie: Missing Ace

Base Stats[edit]

Punch power:300AP
Kick power:500AP
Running power:100m/5s
Jump power:35m in one bound


Transforms using the Kerberos Change (ケルベロスチェンジ) Card using the new Rider system that he and Tachibana develop. It equips him in the Glaive Armor グレイブアーマ.

The buckle says "Open Up" when this occurs.


Most the next generation Blade Riders have roughly the same design. Helmet and suit are designed with Ace as the theme.

Glaive's armor is mostly yellow.


Glaive Buckle グレイブバックル
Transforms with the Kerberos' Change Card.
Seiken Glaiverouser 醒剣グレイブラウザー (Awakening sword)
Glaive's sword. Similar to Blade's Blayrouser.
Starts with 5000 AP.
Holds one Mighty card and 12 common blanks.


Change Kerberos チェンジケルベロス
Wild Ace
MIGHTY (Mighty Gravity マイティグラビティ)
Used for the finisher Gravity Slash.


Gravity Slash グラビティスラッシュ
Uses 3500 AP.

In Missing Ace[edit]

Suit actor: Nagase Naoki

Non-canon Appearance[edit]

Kamen Rider Decade 22-23

User: Kaitou Junichi 海東純一 (Same actor, different character name)