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From: Guillaume

Actually, I think that Ookamiblue's name is a reference to French word "garou", pronounced ガル, and meaning "werewolf". The correct word is "Loup-garou" (loup=wolf) but a French speaker would understand "garou" alone as "werewolf".

Kajikiyellow's name is obviously from Italian "spada" meaning "sword", as in "pesce spada"="swordfish" which is another name for the Dorado constellation and the exact translation of "kajiki" although both fish are unrelated.

Tenbingold's name Balance is the French word for "scale", and the French name of the Libra constellation. So with those two in mind, it doesn't seem such a longshot that Ookamiblue's name could be of French origin. Therefore, I think it should be spelled with an "ou" even though it could be confusing to someone who's not familiar with French.

"Naga" in Hebitsukaisilver's name is most likely derived from the Indian serpent deities of the same name. I think it also means "cobra" but I'm not 100% sure.

I've seen Washipink's name translated as "Rapter 283" though it seems more likely that it is "Raptor" as in "Birds of Prey". Makes more sense for an eagle character.