Saint Seiya Legend of Sanctuary

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Saint Seiya Legend of Sanctuary
聖闘士星矢 Legend of Sanctuary
Creator Kurumada Masami
Director Sato Keiichi
Writer Suzuki Tomohiro
Ending theme Hero (Yoshiki Classical Version)
Composer Ike Yoshihiro
Studio Toei Animation
Distributor Toei
Release date(s) June 21, 2014 (2014-06-21)
December 5, 2014 (2014-12-05) (Retail)
Running time 93 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese
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聖闘士星矢 Legend of Sanctuary

"Have you ever felt your Cosmos?", "Burn up, Cosmos!"



Sanctuarychara seiya.png


Voiced by: Ishikawa Kaito and Yoshinaga Takuto (Younger version).
Motion actor: Yamazaki Katsuyuki
Age: 16
Height: 175 cm
Bronze Saint: Pegasus


Pegasus Ryuusei Ken (Pegasus Meteor Punch ペガサス流星拳)
Pegasus Suisei Ken (Pegasus Comet Punch ペガサス彗星拳)


Sanctuarychara siryu.png


Voiced by: Akabane Kenji
Age: 16
Height: 177 cm
Bronze Saint: Dragon


Rozan Shouryuu Ha (Rozan Rising Dragon Champion 廬山昇龍覇)


Sanctuarychara hyouga.png


Voiced by: Ono Kensho
Age: 16
Height: 178 cm
Bronze Saint: Cygnus


Diamond Dust (ダイヤモンドダスト)
Aurora Execution (オーロラエクスキューション)


Sanctuarychara shun.png

Voiced by: Okamoto Nobuhiko
Age: 16
Height: 170 cm
Bronze Saint: Andromeda


Nebula Chain (星雲鎖 ネビュラチェーン)


Sanctuarychara ikki.png

Voiced by: Nojima Kenji
Age: 20
Height: 180 cm
Bronze Saint: Phoenix


Houyoku Tenshou (Soaring Phoenix Wings 鳳翼天翔)

Gold Saints


Sagittarius Aiolos

Sanctuarychara aioros.png

射手座 アイオロス

Voiced by: Morikawa Toshiyuki

Leo Aiolia

Sanctuarychara aioria.png

獅子座 アイオリア

Voiced by: Inoue Gou


Lightning Bolt (ライトニングボルト
Lightning Plasma (ライトニングプラズマ)

Aries Mu

Sanctuarychara muu.png

牡羊座 ムウ

Voiced by: Miyamoto Mitsuru


Crystal Wall (クリスタルウォール)

Taurus Aldebaran

Sanctuarychara ardebaran.png

牡牛座 アルデバラン

Voiced by: Koyama Rikiya


Great Horn (グレートホーン)

Cancer Deathmask

Sanctuarychara death.png

蟹座 デスマスク

Voiced by: Hirata Hiroaki


Sekishi Meikai Ha (Sekishi Hades Wave 積尸気冥界波) - This technique sends people to the star Seishiki, which is a part of the Cancer constellation. It's said in Asian folklore that this is where souls gather.

Aquarius Camus

Sanctuarychara kamyu.png

水瓶座 カミュ

Voiced by: Namikawa Daisuke


Aurora Execution (オーロラエクスキューション)

Virgo Shaka

Sanctuarychara syaka.png

乙女座 シャカ

Voiced by: Madono Mitsuaki


Tenma Koufuku (Demon Submission 天魔降伏)



Doesn't appear in the actual movie, but he's Shiryuu's master.

Scorpio Milo

Sanctuarychara miro.png

蠍座 ミロ

Voiced by: Asano Masumi


Scarlet Needle (スカーレットニードル)

Capricorn Shura

Sanctuarychara shura.png

山羊座 シュラ

Voiced by: Kawada Shinji


Excalibur (聖剣(エクスカリバー))

Pisces Aphrodite

Sanctuarychara afro.png

魚座 アフロディーテ

Voiced by: Kirimoto Takuya


Royal Demon Rose (ロイヤルデモンローズ)

Gemini Saga / Pope

Sanctuarychara saga.png

双子座 サガ / 教皇

Voiced by: Yamadera Koichi


Galaxian Explosion (ギャラクシアンエクスプロージョン)
Another Dimension (アナザーディメンション)

Silver Saints


Sagitta Ptomely


Voiced by: Numata Yusuke

Bronze Saints


The Bronze Saints that Attack Saori


Voiced by: Fujimoto Takahiro, Kanemoto Ryosuke, Haramaki Koji

People related to Athena

Kido Saori / Athena

Kido Saori


Voiced by Sasaki Ayaka, Kourogi Satomi (Baby), Morohoshi Sumire (Child)

Age: 16
Height: 160 cm

Kido Mitsumasa


Voiced by Oosugi Ren

Tatsumi Tokumaru


Voiced by Shimada Bin


Hero (Yoshiki Classical Version)」

YOSHIKI feat. Katie Fizgerrald from Violet UK
Lyrics/Composer: YOSHIKI


  • The 12 Palaces (Juu ni kyuu 十二宮) in Japanese is a pun on the name for "the 12 Zodiacs". Consequently, each individual palace is just another word for saying that zodiac's name. So Aries Palace's "hakuyoukyuu" (白羊宮) is the same word for "Aries" in Japanese. There are various translations because of this ambiguity, such as The Zodiac Houses, Aries House, or just Aries by itself.
    • According to the movie title cards, they only visit 7 of the palaces: Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, Sagittarius.
    • Gemini Palace, Virgo Palace, Libra Palace were probably passed through unannounced since they were empty. Gemini's empty because Saga is pretending to be the Pope. Virgo's master had left to help the Bronze Saints. And Libra is vacant since its master is Shiryuu's teacher who's at Rozan Falls and doesn't appear in the movie.
    • They never make it to Capricorn, Aquarius, or Pisces since the climax of the movie occurs in Sagittarius Palace.
  • Though only referred to as the Sagitta Saint, Ptolemy's name is apparently frequently mistranslated. "This is due most likely to lack of knowledge about Greek names, since most of the time they fail to romanize it correctly as Ptolemy, and because the Japanese pronunciation for Ptolemy is "Toremi"." [1]
  • Mu is named after the Mu Pagoda.
  • Cancer's attack mentions Seishiki, a star in the Cancer constellation. It's said in Asian folklore that this is where souls gather.
  • The trailers for this movie include nods to the Saint Seiya anime. In one trailer, the narrator lifts some phrases from the first episode that talk of the age of myths and how Saints will appear if evil runs rampant in the world.
    • Two of the trailers use the first opening theme song to the anime Pegasus Fantasy in the background.
  • Scorpio Milo, unlike the original series, is a woman, voiced by Asano Masumi.

Actor Trivia

  • Morikawa Toshiyuki (Aiolos) was Torin on Kyouryuuger.
  • Hirata Hiroaki (Deathmask) was Wizard's narrator as well as Deluknight's voice actor.
  • Akabane Kenji (Shiryuu) was the voice of Fourze and Sky Rider on the Movie Taisen 2010 movie.
  • Nojima Kenji (Ikki) was GekiRyuKen on Ryukendo as well as various other toku voices.
  • Koyama Rikiya (Taurus) was Joe on KR Black and Bujin Gaim on the Gaim & Wizard movie.
  • Namikawa Daisuke (Camus) was Speedor on Go-Onger as well as various other toku roles.
  • Madono Mitsuaki (Shaka) was Kitaneidas on Go-Onger as well as various other toku roles.
  • Yamadera Koichi (Saga) was Tyrannosaurus' voice on Kyouryuuger VS Go-Bus.
  • Numata Yusuke (Sagitta) was Tock's voice on TimeRanger as well as various other toku roles.
  • Fujimoto Takahiro has been the voice of Kamen Rider Nigou in many recent toku movies.
  • Shimada Bin (Tatsumi) was Saturakura on Hurricaneger.
  • Sasaki Ayaka (Saori) is a member of Momoiro Clover Z.

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