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Ayana Taketatsu -Kirino Kana Hanazawa -Kuroneko

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Kirino and Kuroneko introduce themselves, Kirino makes fun of Kuroneko for being nervous

Kirino announces that nothing about the show format is decided yet, to Kuroneko's surprise

End of the first segment, the voice actresses talk normally

They summarize the plot of Oreimo

They discuss how they should address each other. Kirino's actress says she's often called Aya-chi.

They decide not to use Hanazawa-san since it sounds too distant. They decided on Kana-chan

Kana says that even though Aya is 21, she still looks young

They talk about their hobbies, like shopping, reading, and resting at home

They talk about it being hot and having shaved ice


Corner change

They're surprised by the music


In this corner they talk about how surprisingly cute little sisters are

I think it's Aya who says she has no little sister, but she does have an older brother. She doesn't feel like he's very cool and she doesn't believe her brother thinks she's cute. Kana responds that he probably does with his sister being a voice actress

Kana has a little brother

Aya feels like she's an otaku. She admits to really liking Card Captor Sakura

They also talk about liking Ghost in the Shell (Apparently the Japanese name is Koukaku Kidoutai) and saying they find it confusing, but the movie is worth a watch

They get into the mail, the first where a guy admits that his sister sometimes calls him stupid and hits him and runs, but he admits that he thinks she's cute

Kana admits that her brother calls her Neetan, but when friends are over, it becomes Neechan. When she wants to tease him, she says "It's not Neechan, it should be Neetan" Apparently he did this even in middle school, they talk about how cute that is

In the next mail, a brother talks about how his mom makes him bentou, but he found out that eventually his little sister had taken over and was making it for him

Kana asks if Aya has ever made a bentou for her brother, Aya admits to not being able to cook. She wonders if her brother would eat it if she did make one. Kana is surprised, so Aya repeats that she really can't cook

What's OO Mean?!


For the next corner, they receive Net jargon and try to guess what they mean

wktk is the first one. They assume it's some abbreviation. Worktalk? Wasshoi kitte kore? People outside the booth know it. "Why does everyone know it?" The girls are stumped.

Time's up. The correct answer is wakuwaku to shite kao ga tekateka/Really excited, face gleaming. (they admit the face gleaming part makes no sense)

m9 is the next one. They're surprised because the writer doesn't know what it means either (the corner is supposed to include an answer for the girls if they don't guess it) They guess it might be a smiley with the tongue sticking up (berobero). One guesses it's a gun's name

Time's up. The answer is the 9 is the index finger pointing at the viewer (the m is the other fingers) They're not sure how it's supposed to be used (So basically the m is the pinky, ring, and middle finger) They simultaneously say "You're the culprit!"

They talk about smileys and how Japanese ones are normal while a lot of foreign ones have them on the side


Aya says she normally doesn't talk about serious stuff with her brother

Kana has given her brother advice. Aya jokes "Neetan, what do you think of this shirt"

Aya reads the letter and doesn't understand it until Kana explains it's from a different writer.

"How can I break the three minute barrier?" ... -Ultraman. So they talk about Ultraman for a bit. Aya admits to never seeing Ultraman before. They guess that after three minutes he might either die or shrink.

Apparently people say Ayana is a hentai