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Sentai robot names tend to be composed of various kanji. While the meaning to these components are obvious to Japanese, it might not be as obvious for a non-native. Another thing that can make these meanings obscure is that these robot names are often written in katakana instead of in kanji, so the meanings can be ambiguous.

This article exists to explain these different meanings.

If there are any names that should be listed, just add it and a meaning will be added later.

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#List of words that require translation

List of words that require translation

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Dai 大 - Big, grand, huge. Example: DaiZyuJin.

Den 電 - Electricity.


Gao ガオ - Roar. Example: GaoKing.

Geki 激 - Enraged, excited, violent.

Geki 撃 - Attack.

Geki 激気 - Made up word combining "excited" with "spirit". Example: GekiTouja.

Go - Go (in English).

Go 五 - Five.

Go 護 - To protect.

Gou 轟 - Sound of roaring, sound of engine/machines.

Gou/Go 号 - Number/edition.

Gou/Go 剛 - Strong, hard, manly.


Ja/Sha 者 - Person.

Jin 神 - God, divinity, spirit.

Jin 人 - Person.

Jin 仁 - Virtue, benevolence.

Ju 十 - Ten.

Ju 銃 - Gun/rifle.

Jyu/Zyu/Ju 獣 - Animal, beasts.


Ken 剣 - Sword

Ki 気 - Spirit, energy.

Kyo 巨 - Giant.

Kyouryuu 恐竜/恐龍 - Dinosaur

Kyuukyoku 究極 - Ultimate

Kuu 空 - Sky, air, empty.


Oh/Ou 王 - King.


Rai 雷 - Thunder.

Ren 連 - Connect, join, together. Example: DaiRenOu.

Retsu 烈 - Furious, extreme, violent.

Ryuu/Ryu 竜/龍 - Dragon. Example: RyuuSeiOu.


Sei 正 - True.

Sei 精 - Spirit.

Sei 星 - Star/Planet.

Sei 聖 - Holy, sacred.

Sei 生 - Life.

Sha/ja 者 - Person.

Shin 真 - True.

Shin 心 - Heart.

Shin 神 - God, divinity, spirit.

Shinken 真剣 - Sincere, earnest, true blade. Example: Shinken-Oh.


Tei 帝 - Emperor. Example: Zyutei DaiZyuJin.

Ten 天 - Heaven.

Ten 転 - Turn/rotate.

Tou 闘 - Battle, fight.

Touja/Tohja 闘者 - Fighter. Made with the kanji "fight" and "person". Example: GekiTouja.


Zyu/Jyu/Ju 獣 - Animal

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