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BL - Boys love

Brothercon- Brother complex, to be in love with one's brother.

Byenara - Bye + sayonara.


Deka でか/刑事 - Slang for detective.


Fujoshi - Japanese nerd girls. A bit of a negative term since it literally means "rotten girl".


gkgb (gakugaku buruburu) - To shake with fear. ((((;゜Д゜)))ガクガクブルブル

Gunbatsu - Excellent, high-quality. Japanese pig latin for batsugun.


Kitaaa (キター) - Something shouted when something exciting happens. Literally "It has come." キタ━━━━(゜∀゜)━━━━ッ!!

ktkr (Kitakore 来たこれ) - Something said when one's hopes come true.

Kurisotsu クリソツ - Means "lookalike". It's basically Japanese pig latin for sokkuri which means the same thing. This term has fallen out of use.


Lolicon - Someone obsessed with little girls. Short for Lollita Complex.


Mad Movies - Basically a term for movies mashed up in amusing ways.


Neta ni maji res ネタニマジレス - Someone responding to a joke post without realizing that it was written as a lie or a joke. (Source)


Otaku - A term for Japanese nerds. Means "house".

Ossu 押っ忍/押忍 - A macho way of greeting someone. Often heard in dojo or other similar martial arts settings.

Otsu - Means "thanks". Short for "otsukaresama". It's typically represented by the kanji 乙 which means something different entirely, but has the same sound.


seme - In a yaoi relationship, this is the dominant partner. Short for semeru/attack. The reverse in this relation is an uke.

Shoboon ショボーン - Dispirited, dejected. ショボーン(´・ω・`) Source

Shotacon - Someone obsessed with little boys.

Siscon - Someone in love with their sister. Short for Sister Complex.

Sutema Otsu - Literally means "Thanks for the stealth marketing".


Tsundere - When a character acts standoffish tsuntsun before melting and being nice deredere.


uke - In a yaoi relationship, this is the submissive partner. Short for ukeru/receive. The reverse in this relation is a seme.


wktk (Wakuteka) - To anticipate something.

w or any number of wwwwwwww - Basically Japan's equivalent of LOL. Short for Warau 笑, the Japanese word for "laughter".

w - Short for the English word "Double" which is pronounced the same way in Japanese.

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