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Played by Okunaka Makoto (奥仲麻琴)

A heroine in Kamen Rider Wizard.

Profile from TV-Asahi page

Another survivor of the solar eclipse ritual.

Is she human or a demon? This show's heroine is a complete mystery.

Lives with Haruto in the antique shop 面影堂.

Works as a salesperson at the antique shop. She has prophetic powers and can detect people who have strong magical powers. She gives Haruto support.

Not very excitable. In the mornings she suffers from low blood pressure.


Much of Koyomi's life is unknown even to her since she suffer memory life from the Solar Eclipse Ritual six months ago. She didn't become a Phantom due to being saved the Mage in White. She ends up in Haruto's care due to the Mage in White and ends up at the Omokagedou Antique Shop where she gives support to Haruto. She requires magic transfusions from Haruto or otherwise she falls into a dead state due to lack of magic.


Koyomi acts as support for Haruto and is able to see him through a crystal ball. She seems to have the ability to figure out if a person is host to a Phantom. She has an Engage Ring on her right hand. Wears lacy dresses similar to gothic lolita fashion.

Koyomi seems very proper and able to take situations very calmly like when Haruto was detained by Rinko.

She refers to Plamonster Garuda as Garu-chan.


Her name is written in katakana, which is unusual for a Japanese name.

Revelations about Koyomi's True Nature

Given what is known about Koyomi, it's probable that blood doesn't flow in her, thus explaining why her body is cold. She probably also can't each the doughnuts, which is why she told Shunpei in the last episode that she didn't need any doughnuts as opposed to she didn't want any doughnuts. Like Medusa says, she's probably really is just like a doll given life. The magical energy allows her to move and think, but otherwise she has the body of a corpse.

In episode 5, she stands guard outside Takagi's place. For the first time since we found out that Koyomi runs on magical energy, we see Garuda run out of energy and fall into Koyomi's hands. This suggests that while Haruto says he's only giving her a bit of magical energy, she clearly gets more than the Plamonsters. This scene also suggests that she doesn't sleep either.