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Episode 22
Sworn Friends 盟友
Garo ~Makai Senki~ episode
Director Amemiya Keita
Original air date March 8, 2012 (2012-03-08)
Viewership 0.7%
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Garo ~Makai Senki~
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Air date: March 8, 2012 (2012-03-08)


  • Rei, Leo, Rekka, Jabi, Kaoru, and Gonza arrive to the Akugen Valley dig site where Ganon was originally buried to save Kouga from Sigma realizing Idea.
  • Leo and Rei takes on an army of Gouryuujin and receives unexpected assistance of Wataru.
  • Meanwhile, Jabi and Rekka escorts Kaoru into Idea's core to find Ganon and free Kouga. However, Sigma's minion Gigi has followed them. The two priestesses battle and eventually defeat Sigma's follower while Kaoru reaches Kouga.
  • Kaoru manages to liberate Kouga by reminding him of who he is with the last page of the her father's book, "The Black Flame and the Golden Wind".
  • With Gigi destroyed and Kouga freed, the group manages to escape Idea. Moments later, Sigma transports the incomplete Idea into the True Demon World to complete his creation.
  • Wataru, Rei, and Leo follow by riding the core of Idea. The trio witnesses Idea's completion, as well as a display of its power as it destroys an entire horde of Horrors.
  • After telling Jabi and Rekka to take Kaoru to safety, Kouga enters the True Demon World to join in the pursuit but must cut through his blocked path.
  • The other three Makai Knights find Sigma within Idea's helm and are overwhelmed by him before he attempts to retrieve more power from Ganon's corpse to replenish his strength.
  • To everyone's surprise, Ganon awakens and devours Sigma before revealing its true form. When Ganon begins assimilating Idea, the Makai Knights retreat and watch as the greatest anti-Horror weapon ever made becomes an extension of Ganon's body.

MaGouryuu Idea[edit]

GaroMakai0022 Idea.jpg

It is able of instantly destroy Horrors and their gates but requires human lives as fuel.



GaroMakai0022 Gouryuujin.jpg


GaroMakai0022 Gigi.jpg

A human who Sigma murdered so he can use her corpse in his experiments to create a familiar to serve him.

Played by Eguchi Hiromi (江口ヒロミ)


GaroMakai0022 Gigiru.jpg

Split into three bodies of Gigi.

Guest Stars[edit]

Recurring Guests[edit]



Co-Writer: Fujihira Hisako (藤平久子)
Director: Amemiya Keita (雨宮慶太)
Action Director: