Garo -Gold Storm- Shou 01

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Episode 01
Sword 剣
Garo -Gold Storm- Shou episode
Writer Amemiya Keita
Original air date April 11, 2015 (2015-04-11)
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Whip up a Golden Storm Special
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Garo -Gold Storm- Shou
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Important things that happened[edit]


Horror Herzbai[edit]


Horror Picro[edit]



Songs Used[edit]


  • In the prologue, Rian references the title of the previous series Yami wo Terasu Mono.
  • They flip the victim/Horror thing around, with Rian luring a pretty girl into a dark, spooky warehouse full of dolls, only for the girl to turn out to be a Horror.
  • The daggers can be seen during the sponsor segment. It's red for one segment and blue for the other.

Actor Trivia[edit]

  • Tanaka Daito played Horrors in Makai no Hana. He plays ?Raiji in this series.
  • Nezumi-sempai makes a couple guest appearances in Director Amemiya's Gouraigan series. He's well known for his song Giroppon, which he hums in the truck. And his uniform says Giroppon on his chest.