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A list of the songs that appear on the anime TV series Onmyou Taisenki.

Opening Themes

Kimi to Nara (Eps 1-26)

Singer: Suther Rand
Lyrics/Composition: Jiro Miyanaga & Suther Rand

PULSE (Eps 27-52)

Singer: FAKE?

Ending Themes

Sora Kakeagaru (Eps 1-13)

Singer: RAICO
Lyrics: hal, hidemix
Composor: RAICO
Arrangement: ak.homma, RAICO

Shiroi Fuyu (Eps 14-26)

Singer: RAICO
Lyrics: hidemix, hal
Composor: hal
Arrangement: RAICO

Kimi ni Todoku Made (Eps 27-52)

Singer: Yanagisawa Junko
Lyrics/Composer: 星和生
Arrangement: 熊谷主穀

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