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In GoGo Sentai Boukenger, there are multiple concurrent groups of villains seeking Precious for their own evil purposes. They're collectively referred to as the Negative Syndicate.

Goadom Civilization

ゴードム文明 Goodomu bunmei

The Goadom are an ancient civilization led by Arch Priest Gaja, bent on ruling the world. Previously sealed by those who feared them, they were unintentionally revived by BoukenBlack and BoukenYellow when they were searching for a Precious.

Leader of the Goadom, he was initially sealed as a stone, until BoukenBlack and BoukenYellow accidentally revived him while searching for a Precious.
  • Kaasu カース
Gaja's foot soldiers, summoned from special pebbles. Gaja also loans them to the Jaryuu and Dark Shadow often.
Probably based on the Japanese word for "kasu" (滓) which means "dregs, sediment, worthless items".

Jaryuu Tribe

ジャリュウ一族 Jaryuu ichizoku

The Jaryuu are a tribe of red-skinned dragonoids, led by King Ryuuoun, who aim to eradicate all of humanity.

Name means "wicked dragons".

A dragonoid being, Ryuuoun is the leader of the Jaryuu. Although defeated early by the Boukengers, he is extremely tough to kill, frequently coming back from defeat.
  • Jakuryuu 邪悪竜
Ordinary-sized monsters of the Jaryuu.
Name means "evil dragons".
  • DaiJaryuu 大邪竜
Giant robots of the Jaryuu.
Literally means "giant Jaryuu".
  • Dragonoid Soldier Jaryuu 竜人兵ジャリュウ
Foot soldiers of the Jaryuu. They're stronger than the Kaasu but fewer in numbers.

Dark Shadow

The Dark Shadow are a group of ninjas who use their stealth to their advantage to steal Precious and sell to others. They're led by Maboroshi no Gekkou.

A loud kunoichi dressed in blue.
Name means As quiet as the wind.
A talking owl. He has the ability to revive fallen Tsukumogami into giants.
Name means Phantom Moonlight.
A masked ninja.
Name means Blade of Darkness.
  • Tsukumogami ツクモガミ
The Tsukumogami are monsters of the Dark Shadow, mostly created by Maboroshi no Gekkou using his ninpou. When defeated, he can also revive them into giants.
In Japanese folklore, Tsukumogami are objects that are so old that they eventually gain sentience and come alive. They are considered a type of Youkai.


The Questers are former Ashu warriors which were defeated by the Boukengers. They are, however, revived by Arch Priest Gaja using the power of his Goadom Engines, but instead of following Gaja, are bent on their own mission of world domination.

Bitter enemies with Takaoka Eiji / BoukenSilver, he is often hunted by him.
Revived with the help of Gai, Rei works closely with him.

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