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Played by Miura Ryosuke 三浦 涼介

The Greeed that represents birds and fire who gives Eiji the Medals and strategy in Kamen Rider OOO.


Ankh is the bird Greeed who can fly and use the power of fire. Eight hundred years ago, Ankh conspire with the first OOO against the other Greeed but ends up getting betrayed himself. He ends up losing a couple Core Medals in the betrayal and then when the first OOO scanned a bunch of Medals, it resulted Ankh being sealed with just his right arm while the rest of his body was mummified due to the Core Medal containing his essence was in the right arm. Back to the present day, Ankh managed to release the original seal but finds out that he could only materialize his right arm. To offset the disadvantage, he ends up teaming up with Hino Eiji and making him Kamen Rider OOO with the Core Medals he managed to take along with him. Also he uses the body of Izumi Shingo, a detective who was critically injured while fighting the Kamakiri Yummy.

While using Izumi Shingo's body, Ankh has to be attached to him and if he leaves the body for more than 10 minutes, Shingo would died. Ankh is forced to enter a deal with Kougami where he gives 60% of the Cell Medals to him in exchange of using Kougami's Medal System. Since then, he has been keeping tabs on Kougami especially when Eiji received a Lion Medal from him. Ankh finds out that Kougami had a Kujaku Medal and tries to get Eiji to intercept a transport to get it. In the end, the battle costs most of the Core Medals they collected at that point but Eiji makes a deal with Ankh that he would get ice for a year. Unknown at the time, Kougami finds Ankh's mummified body in Europe and takes it back with him. He removes a Condor Medal from it which causes the body to move on its own. Eventually, Ankh ends up getting both the Kujaku and Condor Medal but doesn't regenerate any more of his body.

Shortly after that, bird Yummy starts appearing which Ankh tries to figure out the source of them. Eventually the rest of Ankh's body appears to both Eiji and Ankh which makes Ankh to tell the story of how he was sealed 800 years ago. When Ankh comes into close contact with Lost Ankh, his control over Shingo begins to weak to the point where Shingo's personality emerges briefly and even regains consciousness for a short time. Some time after that, Lost Ankh manages to absorb Ankh into himself but was missing one Medal due to Ankh giving it to Hina before he was absorbed. When OOO destroys three of Core Medals that contain Lost Ankh's essence, Ankh manages to regain his body but was greatly weaken. He was unable to maintain his body on his own and wounds Shingo to use his body again.

To compensate with the loss of three Core Medals, Ankh teams up with Maki to become the container for the Medals. He also resurrects Uva in his plan to take Core Medals from Eiji. Over time he became disgusted with the other Greeeds with their petty desires while Ankh was planning to fuse his essence with Shingo's body to become fully human and a complete body. Eventually he became satisfied which Maki decides that made him unsuitable for being a container. Maki manages to crack the Taka Medal that contain Ankh's essence. While dying at this point, he joins Eiji in the final battle against Maki and makes Eiji use his cracked Medal to use in the Tajador Combo. When Maki was defeated, Ankh's Medal split into two which Hina got one half and Eiji the other. At the end of the series, Ankh's right arm appears ghostly while following Eiji.

In MegaMax, Ankh helps Eiji in the battle against Kamen Rider Poseidon but his Medal was still split into two. It is implied that Eiji figures out a way to fix Ankh's Medal in the future.


Ankh is rude, distrusting, and cunning Greeed. He uses people to achieve his goals and doesn't regret doing so. Ankh has a thing for eating ice constantly which is a result of Ankh experiencing taste for the first time since Greeeds have dulled sight and hearing while lacking touch, smell, and taste. He doesn't like eating poultry due to being the bird Greeed and like high places because of it.

Ankh initially hated Eiji and Hina but due to having human emotions, he eventually cares about them especially Hina. He is rather clever and adapts rather quickly to the modern human world by using an iPhone4 and iPad to gather information. He can outsmart about anyone except for Kougami where he manages to get the upper hand on Ankh a couple of times.


Ankh is able to fly through the air while just being a right arm. He initially was unable to make Yummies or being able to shoot fireballs due to missing the rest of his body. When Ankh regained his body, he is able to use his full powers even when he was with Shingo. In Mega Max, Ankh is able to take on Eiji's form and probably not using Shingo's body anymore.


  • Ankh is the symbol of life in ancient Egypt. It's interesting that the ankh appears in ancient Egypt paintings of gods and goddesses giving the gift of life to a person's mummy. It's similar to how Kougami gave Lost Ankh life when removing a Condor Medal from the mummified body.
  • Ankh is the only Greeed whose name doesn't come from Japanese but Hindu which means eye like a hawk's eyes. Originally Ankh was going to be named Ash from the Japanese word assuru which means domination.
  • Ankh loves to be in high places which is ironic that his actor has acrophobia, fear of high places.
  • When Ankh does his "Huh?" line, it's an improvisational that Miura Ryosuke did.
  • Ankh is supposed to cause children cry due to his rude nature but when shooting, Miura tends to give out Core Medal toys to the children.