AkibaRanger 2 Episode 10

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Episode 10
Delusion Pillow Talk
Hikounin Sentai AkibaRanger 2 episode
Writer Arakawa Naruhisa
Director Suzumura Nobuhiro
Original air date June 8, 2013 (2013-06-08)
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Delusion Number Two
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Delusion Cemetery
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  • Tsuu Shogun is trapped in delusion world.
  • Tsuu Shogun defeated in delusion world and his memory sucked up by Malshiina.
  • DeluKnight is revived.


Kameari Alpaca[edit]


Voiced by Seki Tomokazu

Yup, another remold of Alpaca from season one.



Voiced by Hirata Hiroaki


  • Momoi Haruko - Momoi Haruko 桃井はるこ - 桃井はるこ
  • Male Goddess - Kusao Takeshi 女神男 - 草尾毅
  • Nurse Hirata - Hirata Yuka 平田看護師 - 平田裕香

Voice Acting[edit]

  • Kameari Alpaca - Seki Tomokazu 亀有アルパカ - 関智一
  • TyrannoRanger - Seki Tomokazu ティラノレンジャー - 関智一
  • Deluknight - Hirata Hiroaki デリューナイト - 平田広明


  • Tazuko



  • The episode title is a reference to pillow words a Japanese style of poetic phrasing. However, as this is a parody, it actually refers to pillow talk: Tsuu Shogun seducing Malshiina by telling her about Sentai stuff while in bed.
  • Malshiina foreshadows her betrayal when Tsuu offers to call her Chimera, but she says "No, I'm merely Malshiina". The "mama ni" can also be interpreted as "I'm still Malshiina", implying she's not under Tsuu's complete control.
  • When Malshiina is giving Tsuu the idea to create a Sutema Otsu monster, she drawing she uses has a sketch of herself with a line of Shachiiku behind her. All the Shachiiku are posed the same, except one who's apparently based on "Yare Yare Da Ze." from JoJo.
  • Tsuu Shogun's real name was added to his credit in the opening this week.
  • On Luna's wall is a sign that says "I'll be active even at 90 years old!!" There's also various other motivational signs as well as her exercise regimen.
    • Most of her exercises are two sets of 15 reps except... doing the Luna pose 100 times for as many times as she remembers to.
  • When Tsuu is spacing out in Secret Base, he suddenly breaks out in the Gosei Sentai AkibaRanger theme.
  • The male goddess refers to the Japanese fairy tale about the goddess of the spring who tests the truthiness of a person by asking whether they dropped a regular object or a golden object. He's played by voice actor Kusao Takeshi, but oddly enough, doesn't voice the Alpaca that he transforms into. Takeshi does various other voices for Akiba Tsuu.
  • When Tsuu Shogun dies, he mentions dream soldiers. This is probably a reference to Tsuu Shogun's actor debut role in Dream Warriors Wingman (夢戦士ウイングマン).

Sentai References[edit]

  • It's revealed that the man in the bed is Hatte Saburo. His replacement nurse is Mele from GekiRanger.
  • During the scene where Nobuo is messing with his cellphone Aoi-tan, the song Tengoku Samba from CarRanger plays.
  • Luna's catchphrase is a rip off of Sun Vulcan's.
  • When Red arrives he wonders if the new monster is a Hades Beast (From MagiRanger) or a Galaxy Soldier (from Fiveman). Both shows are about Sentai teams that are siblings.
  • When Alpaca shoots himself to create an opening, AkibaRed mentions an Inoue script where the same thing happens. Apparently this is from Gokaiger 28 with the villain Kiaidou.
  • Momoi Haruko comments that the purple and white covering on Tsuu Shogun is "the new Kyouryuu something, right?" Rumors are that a purple and white character will appear on Kyouryuugers.
  • The six Outrageous Powers combining might be a reference to the recent trend of the super weapon including the sixth ranger's weapon.
  • Dynaman
    • Tsuu decides to call Malshiina Chimera from Jashinka. He has compared Malshiina to Chimera before.
    • When Tsuu is betrayed, he mentions that he should have expected this. Earlier in the season on episode 5, he mentions that Kaa Shogun is betrayed by female warrior Zenobia.
  • Goggle V
    • Pillow talk: Tsuu mentions the leader of Death Dark's big weakness.
  • GaoRanger
    • Kozukozu dances to the GaoMuscle song, which she sang for last week's ending.
  • Hurricaneger
    • Malshiina sticks a charm on Tsuu's head.
  • Abaranger
    • Luna references AbareYellow as the yellow warrior from Kyuushuu. However, she then says the first KiRanger's catchphrase (since he apparently is also a yellow Kyuushuu ranger).
    • Pillow talk: Malshiina comments on how he's up to number 27, which means Sentai series 27. Tsuu continues by talking about how to correctly pronounce Evolian.
  • DekaRanger
    • Yuuko references DekaYellow, who had a habit of saying <don> before bashing something. She also gives Alpaca the nickname "Fluffy Chief-kun" (首長フワモコ君) in the way Jasmine gave enemies funny nicknames. She also refers to another Jasmine line "Go right away/ikki ni iku beshi"
  • Go-Onger
    • Secret Base is playing Go-Onger's theme song in the background.
  • GekiRanger
    • Yuuko is making a bentou of Rio tying up GekiRed.
    • Nurse Hirata is played by Hirata Yuka AKA Mele's actress.
  • AkibaRanger Season 1
    • Alpaca is voiced by Seki Tomokazu and Deluknight is voiced by Hirata Hiroaki, just like in the first season.
    • Apparently Alpaca shooting himself was very similar to DeluKnight's actions in episode 12 from the first season, foreshadowing his return.
    • Malshiina's fake plan was to destroy the wall between delusions and reality, like in season one. But this was just a ploy.

Red's Recommendation[edit]

"Of the bonus mangas from the encyclopedia series, I recommend Bioman's! AkibaRed!"


Cosplay in AkibaRangers[edit]

  • Kozukozu as BoukenSilver, GekiViolet, MagiYellow.
  • Yuuko is dressed in her usual outfit and a miko outfit.

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