AkibaRanger 2 Episode 11

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Episode 11
Delusion Cemetery
Hikounin Sentai AkibaRanger 2 episode
Writer Arakawa Naruhisa
Director Suzumura Nobuhiro
Original air date June 15, 2013 (2013-06-15)
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  • The AkibaRangers now remember the events of Season 1.

New Attacks[edit]

Munyu Mo-e Crusher

Chou AkibaRed's new combined weapon attack. He beats DeluKnight over the head with it a few times, which causes him to fatally explode.


Deluknight デリューナイト Voiced by Hirata Hiroaki


  • Nurse Hirata - Hirata Yuka 平田看護師 - 平田裕香




  • Tsuu's credit in the episode is just as Ushirozawa Tsuguo.
  • There's a Sailor Uranus outfit in Yuuko's room.
  • The women at the Secret Cemetery are part of the AkibaRanger staff. The one in the middle and right are female suit actresses who've worked on Akiba since season 1. 大島遥 (AkibaBlue) and Fujita Fusayo (AkibaYellow). The one on the left is a former suit actress, who's apparently a part of this season's staff somehow.
  • When Luna is confronting DeluKnight, she says she'll protect everyone's smiles (Similar to Kuuga, which writer Naruhisa worked on) and then she tells DeluKnight to die, but mispronounces it. (She says Kubatarinasai when it should be Kubarinasai).

Sentai References[edit]

  • Nichiasa has been a term used to describe TV-Asahi's Sunday Morning block of kid's shows (Consisting of an anime, Super Hero Time, and Precure). It literally means "Sunday morning". The term came around 2007 during GekiRanger/Den-O.
  • Super Malshiina Time
    • Black Cross Queen Malshiina 黒十字女王マルシーナ. Based on GoRanger's enemy.
    • Crime Empress Malshiina 犯罪女帝マルシーナ. Based on JAKQ's enemy.
    • Heretic Priestess Malshiina 邪教巫女マルシーナ. Based on Battle Fever J's enemy.
    • Other Dimensional Queen Malshiina VS Denshi Sentai 異次元女王マルシーナ対電子戦隊. Based on Denjiman's enemy.
    • Machine Empress Malshiina VS Taiyou Sentai 機械女帝マルシーナ対太陽戦隊. Sun Vulcan's enemy.
    • The girls admiring Malshiina have her dressed as Bandora from ZyuRanger and Gaja from Boukenger.
    • Sentai is changed to Super Malshiina Series. When they look at the animation, they hear a samba and see the logo looks just like the Kyouryuuger one. The show is named Calamity Empress Malshiina 災厄女帝マルシーナ since the bad guys in Kyouryuuger are based on the disaster that wiped out the dinosaurs.
  • When invading the official series, Malshiina is dressed as Long in GekiRanger, and Abrera in DekaRanger.
  • When Akagi is sulking at home, he's wearing a shirt that looks like TyrannoRanger's costume.
  • Akagi mentions that Dan Jirou's real name is Murata Hideo. Dan Jirou was Kasumi Ikki on Hurricaneger.
  • DeluKnight's death flag phrase: He mentions his wife and son Delue and Delutarou. This is based on Signalman's wife and child Sigue and Sigtarou. In general, it's just playing on how Japanese women's names sometimes end in -e and boy's names are Tarou.

Cosplay in AkibaRangers[edit]

  • Kozukozu dressed as Tsubasa from MagiRanger.
  • Kozukozu also wears Chiaki's jacket from Shinkenger.
  • Yuuko is covered in sheep and adds mei to her lines.
    • Switches back to her cat costume midway through.

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