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Anpan あんパン - Japanese sweet roll filled with red bean paste.


Ebi Fry えびふらい - Fried shrimp


Ika Shiokara イカ塩辛 - Squid marinate with salt and semi-fermented in its own guts.


Mabodofu 麻婆豆腐 - Tofu in a spicy sauce with beef or pork. In Chinese: mápó dòufu.

Menchi katsu メンチカツ - Breaded and deep-fried ground meat cutlet or croquette.


Nattou 納豆 - Fermented beans that are extremely sticky in texture. Supposedly really nasty stuff, but healthy.


Onigiri お握り - Hand-rolled sushi (basically rice balls with maybe some seaweed wrapping it). Can have a variety of filling inside. Name literally means "to grip".


Pan パン - Bread. Not all Japanese loan words come from English. Introduced by Portuguese missionaries, the word pan/bread comes from the Portuguese word pão.

The product Panko / "coarse Japanese breadcrumbs" comes from this word.


Sashimi 刺身 - Very thinly sliced raw meat, usually fish, but can be used to refer to other kinds of meat.

Sushi 寿司 - Anything made with vinegar rice.


Taiyaki 鯛焼き - A pastry with jam or red bean paste inside. Often shaped as a fish. Not to be confused with Takoyaki

Takoyaki たこ焼き / 蛸焼 - Balls of fried breaded octopus (tako). Not to be confused with Taiyaki.


Ume 梅 - A type of fruit similar to an apricot, but often translated to "plum".

Umeboshi 梅干 - Literally means 'dried ume'. Ume is a type of fruit similar to an apricot, but often translated to "plum". Wiki page on Umeboshi

Unagi 鰻 - Eel


Yaki 焼き - The Japanese word to cook. Literally "to burn" or "to fry".

Yakiniku 焼肉 / 焼き肉 - Grilled meat. Usually refers to Korean barbecue. Wiki Page on Yakiniku

Yakitori 焼鳥 / 焼き鳥 - Grilled chicken, often called "fried chicken".

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