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January 12, 2014 (2014-01-12)


Ueda and his 3776th assistant Yamada are invited to witness the will of the last head of the Mizukami family, who died recently, being read out. The will, much to the disappointment of the Mizukami family members, gave out paltry sums of inheritance. However, it also claims that in a box that comes with the will, lies a hint to a treasure worth billions of yen. However, the catch is that the box is said to be cursed, and whoever opens it without a pure heart will die. True to the words, murders and deaths start occurring among the heirs.



  • "Kin" in "Kinmochi" has the same pronunciation as "gold", which shares the same kanji character as "kane", which would mean money. A "kanemochi" means a rich person.

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