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Hoji ホージー is the second member of Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger.

Real name: Tomasu Houji 戸増宝児

Actor: Hayashi Tsuyoshi (林 剛史)


The cool member of the team, often throwing in stylish English words. Houji often acts like a professional, but can be arrogant. He especially likes the English words "Perfect", "Super Cool", etc.

He develops a strong dislike for Ban at the beginning of the show due to Ban not taking things as seriously as him and calling him his partner. His arrogance also made him lose his self-confidence, such as shown in episode 3. Houji's obsession with perfection caused him to become extremely depressed over one mistake in a mission, but Ban wakes him up after making Houji realize how pathetic he was acting.

In episode 19, Houji had his body switched with an Alienizer, who wanted to control over DekaBase. However, the other DekaRangers managed to discover the truth because of the fake Houji's suspicious actions.

In episode 43, it was revealed that Houji actually cares about Ban when Ban apparently died in a meteor accident. Houji expressed his feelings by admiting that coming across a fellow like Ban is a rare chance and that there were plenty of replacements for him; he also admitted that Ban was the ultimate partner. When Ban was revealed to be alive, Houji converted back to his previous attitude and claimed that Ban is not his partner. By the final episode, Houji finally acknowledges Ban as his partner and gets angry when Ban calls Kai his partner in the crossover with MagiRanger.

DekaBlue [edit]

デカブルー Suit Actor: Mimura Kouji 三村幸司

Houji is an excellent sniper and wields the "D-Sniper" as his main weapon.



  • Gyro Cannon ジャイロバルカン
  • Magne Wire マグネワイヤー
  • Gyro Warper ジャイロワッパー


  • Family names comes from Tomasu, the Japanese pronunciation of writer Thomas Harris' (トマス・ハリス) name.
  • Given name is from Houji tea (ほうじ茶).
  • The kanji for Houji mean "treasured child".