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Jasmine ジャスミン is the fourth member of Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger.

Real name: Reimon Marika 礼紋茉莉花

When partnered with DekaPink, they're known as the Twin Cam Angels.

Actress: Kinoshita Ayumi DekaYellow from DekaRanger, Kujou Aya in Double


Another often reserved member of the team. She is an ESPer, which gives her psychometry powers. That means she can read the thoughts of a person that she comes in contact to, touch the location that person once was in, or use a medium that the other person is touching. However, overusing her psychic powers can exhaust her. To prevent herself from freely reading the mind of others, she wears gloves almost all the time.

Haas a wry sense of humor. Tends to throw in archaic phrasings into her speech patterns. Also gives clever nicknames to Kaijuuki and Alienizers.

It was revealed that she was very lonely in her childhood, as she had no friends with her psychic powers and almost allowed an Alienizer to kill her until Doggie Krueger stepped in and saved her. She was also one of the first members to join the S.P.D. squad, next to Houji. In MagiRanger vs. DekaRanger, Jasmine is conflicted about how to deal with her parents who abandoned her.

DekaYellow [edit]

デカイエロー Suit actor: Hashimoto Keiko 橋本 恵子

She uses the "D-Stick", which is like a rifle.


  • Reimon comes from Raymond Chandler, who wrote "The Long Goodbye" and other mysteries.
  • Jasmine is from Jasmine Tea.
  • Her nickname Jasmine isn't obvious like the others. The kanji for Marika are actually the same as Matsurika (マツリカ) which is the Japanese name for the Jasminum sambac flower. Hence, Jasmine. Given the cleverness of the wordplay, Jasmine probably came up with the nickname herself.


  • Episode 4: あっと驚くタメゴロー (The translation of "Merlin's Beard!" in Harry Potter.) Just used as an expression of surprise. Doesn't really mean anything.
  • Episode 5: 天は2物を与えず? (Proverb: Heaven does not bless people twice.) Used when she refers to Murphy personality, compared to his top-notch sense of smell and running ability.
  • Episode 6: 昼あんどんの内蔵助よ ("He's useless like Kuranosuke Oishi!") She was referring to Sen who seemed like he was good-for-nothing when he lazed around. Kuranosuke Oishi was the leader of the 47 Akou Samurais. The term "hiruandon" (literally, as useless as a lamp at noon) is usually applied to him, since he made his enemies misjudge him, and he successfully wiped them out.
  • Episode 8: だいじょうぶい! Normally, "I'm all right" would be "daijoubu". But she changed it to "daijoubui". "Bui" is "V" for victory.
  • Episode 11: Umeko: ボスの雷も落ちたし ("Boss' lightning fell on me too."). 落ち means "fall". Jasmine replies with "Ochitsukete nai de". "Ochitsukete" means to calm down ("nai" turns it to negative form).
  • Episode 12: "Iga-iga-kun the Second" when refering to the 2nd Igaroid the DekaRangers see.
  • Episode 12: "Gachoon" when reacting to Umeko destroying the Kaijuuki. "Gachoon" is a gag of Tani Kei of Crazy Cats. He came up with this when performing the action of drawing a mahjong tile. Ordinary people will find it hard to copy the gesticulation of this gag. In fact, it is not "Gachoon". The correct way of pronouncing it is without stretching it, which is "Gachon", which is what Tani Kei has said. Jasmine could be referring to the explosion with her hand gesture, while dropping in a "Gachoon" as a pun.
  • Episode 14: "That's pretty fast dekanwa." Reference to CM "Oriental snack curry". Referring to Boss' quick movements.
  • Episode 14: "Dynamite don don!" A movie name. Said when the team was gearing up for a big counterattack.
  • Episode 15: 能ある鷹は爪を隠す "The skilled hawk keeps its talons hidden." Referring to DekaBase's secret transformation to DekaBase Crawler.
  • Episode 16: これじゃ ダイダラボッチに針の剣 "This feels like a needle sword against the Daidarabocchi!". Used when referring to the gigantic Gigas destroying the city. The Daidarabocchi is a gigantic youkai in Japanese mythology. The needle sword is a reference to Issun-Boushi (One-Inch Boy), the subject of a Japanese fairy tale, who could grow no larger than a fingertip, but managed to defeat a monster many times his size.
  • Episode 16: アジャパー "Holy moly/cow!"