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伊達 健太

Played by Ohshiba Hayato (大柴隼人).

Becomes MegaRed in Denji Sentai MegaRanger.


At a glance, Kenta is a lazy, gluttonous high school student with no ambition and no head for electronics, unlike the other members of Digi Ken. He's easily bribed/motivated by yakiniku and comes off as a hot head.

Despite that, Kenta is an amazing gamer. His amazing gaming abilities gain the attention of INET in episode one. His video game skills turn out to be useful in a practical sense as a MegaRanger.

He addresses Kubota as "Old Man/ossan", which sometimes gets under Kubota's skin.



Suit actor: Yokoyama Kazutoshi (Played Leo Zodiarts and his human form in Fourze)

Electronic ability / Helmet symbol: A computer.

  • AT: 300
  • DF: 350
  • SP: 400 (3.0 seconds / 100m)
  • Jump Power: 30 m

Despite being the red of the series, MegaBlack is more the leader of the team. Despite this, Kenta is probably one of the most talented fighters on the team, being given the all-purpose computer ability, as well as center piloting seat for most mecha. He also receives the Battle Riser.


Drill-Saber ドリルセイバー
MegaRed's main weapon.
Attacks with it:
Saber Slash セイバースラッシュ
Screw Drill Saber スクリュードリルセイバー
Drill Sniper ドリルスナイパー
Drill Sniper Custom ドリルスナイパーカスタム
Drill Sniper Custom Full Power ドリルスナイパーカスタムフルパワー

Battle Riser

バトルライザー While this is the Japanese spelling of Battlizer, it sort of doesn't make any sense for that Power Rangers term to be applied here. Battlizers in Power Rangers are usually power ups that include new suits or extra armor, none of which is present in MegaRanger. Plus all the attacks have the word "Riser" in them.

01 Mode (ゼロワンモード)
Makes attacks more powerful. Riser Punch ライザーパンチ or Riser Chop ライザーチョップ.
02 Mode (ゼロツーモード)
Fires a Laser Vulcan (レーザーバルカン) from the Battle Riser. Can be used outside of transformation too.
03 Mode (ゼロスリーモード)
An ability that Kenta doesn't gain until MegaRanger Episode 33. Can power up his Drill Sniper Custom or any other weapon so that it has 15 times the output.

Gokaiger Continuity

  • In the Gokaiger universe, Kenta had become a teacher at his old high school. He acts as the adviser for Digi Ken, which still has connections to INET.