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41st Super Sentai series
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Space Shogunate Jark Matter 宇宙幕府ジャークマター

Main antagonists of Uchuu Sentai KyuuRanger.

Hierarchy of the Jark Matter Shogunate


Don Armage


Voiced by Tani Atsuki (谷昌樹)

Vice Shogun



Voiced by Uchida Naoya

Is possibly named after Kukulkan, a Mayan snake deity.



Voiced by Komiya Arisa

Her design and name are probably derived from the Acámbaro figures, supposedly ancient figures that might have been depictions of dinosaurs. Akyanbaa herself has a triceratops looking design in her torso.

All Vice-shoguns have a gold statue shoulder piece.



Voiced by Tsuchida Hiroshi

Chief Retainers (Karo)

There are 88 of these, each one controlling one of the Constellation Systems. Also known as Karo. Based on the Japanese word Karou (家老) (n) chief retainer, daimyo's minister.



Chief Retainer of the Sagittarius System

Voiced by Kuroda Takaya (黒田崇矢)


Chief Retainer of the Scorpius System

Voiced by Kubota Yuki


Chief Retainer of the Aries System

Voiced by Koneri Show

First appearance KyuuRanger Space.33


Chief Retainer of the Leo System

Voiced by Tsuji Shinpachi

First appearance KyuuRanger Space.37

Governors (Daikan)

They run different planets in Jark Matter's name. Also known as Daikaan, based on the Japanese word Daikan (代官) (n) Edo-period prefectural governor (magistrate, bailiff).







Cannon fodder. Design seems to be based on the famous grey aliens from 50s American culture. Their name itself is an anagram of Invader in Japanese (the b represents the v sound, since v doesn't occur naturally in Japanese).


ツヨインダべー Larged Indabee

Giant Indabee. Design based on the Flatwood Monster. Gets their name from adding tsuyoi/strong to Indabee's name.

Alphabet as figured out by someone on TV Tropes

Jark Matter Language

The Jark Matter's language is apparently a cipher version of the English language. Just like Jyuohger before where the language of JyuLand can be deciphered, the Jark Matter's text can also be translated into English fairly easily once the key is figured out.


  • Their name is a pun on Dark Matter. The Dark part written as Jaaku, which means "evil" in Japanese.
  • The three vice-shogun are voiced by former Sentai alum. Tecchuu is voiced by Tsuchida Hiroshi who was NinjaBlue. Akyanbaa is voiced by Komiya Arisa who was Yellow Buster. And Kukuruuga is voiced by Uchida Naoya who was DenjiGreen.

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