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Uchuu Sentai KyuuRanger
Genre Sentai
Creator Yatsude Saburou
Writer Mouri Nobuhiro
Director Shibasaki Takayuki, Sugihara Teruaki, and others
Opening theme LUCKYSTAR
by Hatano Tomohiro (Project.R)
Ending theme KyuuTama Dancing
by Matsubara Tsuyoshi (Project.R)
Composer(s) Yamashita Kousuke
  • Sasaki Hajime
  • Inoue Chihiro (TV Asahi)
  • Mochiduki Taku (Toei)
  • Yada Koichi
  • Fukada Akihiro (Toei Agency)
Production company(s)
  • TV Asahi
  • Toei Company
  • Toei Agency
Fan Rating / 5 Stars
Original channel TV Asahi
Time 7:30 am
Original airing February 12, 2017 (2017-02-12)
Preceded by Doubutsu Sentai Jyuohger
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Space Sentai Nine Rangers
Official romanization: Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger 宇宙戦隊キュウレンジャー

Uchuu Sentai KyuuRanger is the 41st Sentai series. It starts February 12, 2017.




KyuuRed actor.jpg
ShishiRed / Lucky

Kizu Takumi

KyuuOrange actor.jpg
SasoriOrange / Stinger

Kishi Yosuke

KyuuBlue actor.jpg
OokamiBlue / Garou

Voice: Nakai Kazuya

KyuuGold actor.jpg
TenbinGold / Balance

Voice: Ono Yuuki

KyuuBlack actor.jpg
OushiBlack / Champ

Voice: Otsuka Akio

KyuuSilver actor.jpg
HebitsukaiSilver / Naaga Rei

Yamazaki Taiki

KyuuGreen actor.jpg
ChamaeleonGreen / Hame

Ookubo Sakurako

KyuuPink actor.jpg
WashiPink / Raptor 283

Voice: M・A・O

KyuuYellow actor.jpg
KajikiYellow / Spada

Sakakibara Tetsuji

Shou Lonpou

Voice: Kamiya Hiroshi

The rangers are named after the Japanese names of various constellations.

  • ShishiRed - Leo (The lion constellation)
  • SasoriOrange - Scorpius (The scorpion constellation)
  • OokamiBlue - Lupus (The wolf constellation)
  • TenbinGold - Libra (The scales constellation)
  • OushiBlack - Taurus (The bull constellation)
  • HebitsukaiSilver - Ophiuchus (The serpent-bearer constellation)
  • ChamaeleonGreen - Chamaeleon (The chameleon constellation)
  • WashiPink - Aquilia (The eagle constellation)
  • KajikiYellow - Dorado (The swordfish constellation)

Jark Matter[edit]

Space Shogunate Jark Matter 宇宙幕府ジャークマター

Their name is a pun on Dark Matter. The Dark part written as Jaaku, which means "evil" in Japanese.

  • Shogun Don Armage - Tani Atsuki ドン・アルマゲ - 谷昌樹
  • Chief Retainer Elidron - Kuroda Takaya エリードロン - 黒田崇矢
  • Governor ?
  • Combatants
    • Tsuyoindabee (ツヨインダベー)
    • Indabee (インダベー) - Cannon fodder

Other Voices[edit]

Stunt Actors[edit]

  • ShishiRed - Takada Masashi シシレッド - 高田 将司
  • SasoriOrange - Imai Yasuhiko サソリオレンジ - 今井 靖彦
  • OokamiBlue - Takeuchi Yasuhiro オオカミブルー - 竹内 康博
  • TenbinGold - Oobayashi Masaru テンビンゴールド - 大林 勝
  • OushiBlack - Okamoto Jirou オウシブラック - 岡元 次郎
  • HebitsukaiSilver - Yabe Keizou ヘビツカイシルバー - 矢部 敬三
  • ChamaeleonGreen - Shimozono Ayumi カメレオングリーン - 下園 愛弓
  • WashiPink - Gomi Ryoko ワシピンク - 五味 涼子
  • KajikiYellow - Kusano Shinsuke カジキイエロー - 草野 伸介


Episode Title Air date Writer Director Viewership Ratings
Space.01 Galaxy's Number One Super Star
February 12, 2017 (2017-02-12) Mouri Nobuhiro Shibasaki Takayuki 4.20 / 5
Space.02 Let's Go! The BN Thieves
February 19, 2017 (2017-02-19) Mouri Nobuhiro Shibasaki Takayuki 4.33 / 5
Space.03 The Man from the Desert Planet
February 26, 2017 (2017-02-26) Mouri Nobuhiro Shibasaki Takayuki 3.46 / 5
Space.04 The Dreaming Android
March 5, 2017 (2017-03-05) Mouri Nobuhiro Sugihara Teruaki 4.07 / 5
Space.05 The 9 Ultimate Saviors
March 12, 2017 (2017-03-12) Mouri Nobuhiro Sugihara Teruaki 3.54 / 5
Space.06 Take Flight! Dancing Star!
March 19, 2017 (2017-03-19) Mouri Nobuhiro Katou Hiroyuki 2.71 / 5
Space.07 Take Back the Birthday!
March 26, 2017 (2017-03-26) Mouri Nobuhiro Katou Hiroyuki 2.92 / 5
Space.08 Commander Shou Lonpou's Secret
April 2, 2017 (2017-04-02) Mouri Nobuhiro Takemoto Noboru 3.79 / 5
Space.09 Burn Up, Dragon Mastar
April 9, 2017 (2017-04-09) Mouri Nobuhiro Takemoto Noboru 4 / 5
Space.10 The Small Giant, Big Star!
April 16, 2017 (2017-04-16) Mouri Nobuhiro Shibasaki Takayuki 2.8 / 5
Space.11 The 3 KyuuTama That Will Save the Galaxy
April 23, 2017 (2017-04-23) Mouri Nobuhiro Shibasaki Takayuki / 5
Space.12 The 11 Ultimate All Stars
April 30, 2017 (2017-04-30) Mouri Nobuhiro / 5

Other Releases[edit]



  • Shou Lonpou's name is the Japanese pronunciation for the Chinese soup dumpling xiao longbao.
    • Maybe a reference to Dragon Ball? Shou Lonpou's design theme is a dragon. In Dragon Ball, the heroes are trying to collect 7 balls to summon the dragon. In KyuuRanger, it's a dragon who is sending the protagonists out to collect the KyuuTama which are ball-shaped.
  • HebitsukaiSilver's name is from Nāga serpent deities in Hindu and Buddhist mythology.
    • His full name Naaga Rei might be a pun on nagare-boshi or shooting star/meteor.
  • ChamaeleonGreen's name is likely derived from "chameleon" minus the "c" and "leon", thus "hame".
  • WashiPink's 283 can be read as "tsubasa" which means "wing". Also raptor means "predatory bird", which an eagle is.
  • OokamiBlue's name is a reference to French word "garou", pronounced ガル, meaning "werewolf". The correct word is "Loup-garou" (loup=wolf) but a French speaker would understand "garou" alone as "werewolf". Credits to Guillaume.
  • KajikiYellow's name is obviously from Italian "spada" meaning "sword", as in "pesce spada"="swordfish" which is another name for the Dorado constellation and the exact translation of "kajiki" although both fish are unrelated. Credits to Guillaume.
  • TenbinGold's name Balance is the French word for "scale", and the French name of the Libra constellation. So with those two in mind, it doesn't seem such a longshot that Ookamiblue's name could be of French origin. Therefore, I think it should be spelled with an "ou" even though it could be confusing to someone who's not familiar with French. Credits to Guillaume.
  • "Naga" in HebitsukaiSilver's name is most likely derived from the Indian serpent deities of the same name. Credits to Guillaume.
  • Don Armage is probably a rearrangement of the word Armageddon.
  • The Indabee grunts look like they are based on the classic grey aliens design. While the Tsuyoindabee appears to be based on the Flatwoods Monster. Both are famous classical aliens. Credit to Cyborg-Lucario for pointing that out.

Actor Trivia[edit]

Voice Actor Trivia[edit]

  • Nakai Kazuya previously voiced Igaroid of DekaRanger and various toku roles.
  • Ono Yuuki previously voiced Parabolaroid of Go-Busters 34.
  • Otsuka Akio previously voiced Dagon of MagiRanger. He's known for being the Japanese voice of Solid Snake for the Metal Gear Solid video game series.
  • Kamiya Hiroshi previously voiced Ghost Imagin of Saraba Den-O movie, various Riders from Kamen Rider Taisen.
  • Kimura Subaru previously voiced Bowlingen of Jyuohger 20.


Original Creator: Yatsude Saburou (八手 三郎)
Action Director: Fukuzawa Hirofumi (福沢 博文)
Music: Yamashita Kousuke (山下 康介)
Chief Producer: Sasaki Hajime (佐々木 基)
(TV Asahi)
Character Design:
Tokusatsu Director: Butsuda Hiroshi (佛田 洋)
  • TV-Asahi (テレビ朝日)
  • Toei (東映)
  • Toei AG (東映エージェンシー)

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