Garo Makai no Hana 25

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Episode 25
Heaven's Decree 天命
Garo -Makai no Hana- episode
Writer Amemiya Keita
Director Amemiya Keita
Original air date September 27, 2014 (2014-09-27)
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Garo -Makai no Hana-
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Important things that happened[edit]





From flashback[edit]



  • There's no opening or ending for this episode, but the opening theme plays during the battle.
  • Akari and Rei only appear in brief flashbacks in this episode. Kouga is also there, but his face is shadowed out. All the actors who have appeared in this series are listed in the credits, so it would be hard to tell if his actor was specifically in this episode.
  • Masei saw the Luminous Beast Form for the first time when dubbing. He was so surprised that the take was no good and he had to redo it.[1]
    • In the sketch, Amemiya wrote Koukaku 光覚, which is the first part of Luminous Beast Form 光覚獣身.
  • The ending song's title "Your Memory, My Memory" foreshadows what happens to Mayuri in this episode.


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