Zero -Dragon Blood- 08

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Episode 08
Zero -Dragon Blood- episode
Writer Umeda Sumiko
Director Amemiya Keita
Action Director Oohashi Akira
Original air date February 25, 2017 (2017-02-25)
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Fan Rating 4.81 / 5
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Zero -Dragon Blood-
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Lyra and human form




Played by Momose Misaki

A monster that lives at a wishing bell. She grants people visions of their greatest desires before devouring them. In human form, she can stretch her body out like a snake, wrapping up her victims. Her Horror form is of a bear/dog-faced creature with a centipede body.

Guest Stars[edit]

  • Fukuda - Yanagi Yuurei フクダ - 柳憂怜
  • Fukuda's wife - 溝口多佳子 フクダの妻 - 溝口多佳子
  • Fukuda's son - 渡辺伊吹 フクダの息子 - 渡辺伊吹
  • Michiru - 野中葉月 ミチル - 野中葉月
  • Kenji - 金廣邦高 ケンジ - 金廣邦高
  • Lyra - Momose Misaki ライラ - 桃瀬美咲


  • Makai Priest Rekka - Matsuyama Mary 魔戒法師・烈花 - 松山メアリ
  • Hanazai - Haga Yuria 花罪 - 芳賀優里亜
  • Kurehi - Kuran クレヒ - 紅蘭
  • Bakura - Guadalcanal Taka バクラ - ガダルカナル・タカ

Suit Actors[edit]

  • Silver Fang Knight Zero - Wada Sanshiro 銀牙騎士ゼロ - 和田三四郎



  • Aflac Insurance with Matsuoka Mayu
  • Bose Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones
  • PSO 2 for PS4
  • Money Forward
  • Y!Mobile Young Generation with Kiritani Mirei and PIKO TARO
  • Aflac Immortal
  • Allegra
  • McDonalds Shougayaki Burger
  • Hot springs for snow viewing


  • Rekka plays her flute again, the theme of which is a requiem for heroic spirits, appropriate for Kagome's funeral.
  • We see Rei's training room, which looks a lot like Kouga's swinging blade training room in the Saejima Mansion.
  • Lyra is named after the lyre that Orpheus used, which had the ability to charm people.
  • Momose Misaki, who plays Lyra, was also Erika in Makai Retsuden.
  • The grave Rei makes for Kagome is similar to the grave he makes for his family in Garo 14. They all have dream catchers on them. Ryuuga makes a similar grave for his mother in Garo Yami 24, but this might have been more of an Easter egg than anything else.