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5th Heisei Rider Series
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The primary antagonists of Kamen Rider Blade. The Undeads were created 10,000 years ago by God, who takes the form of a stone slab. The Undeads were to defeat each other in a free-for-all battle royale, the Battle Fight, and the winner would be granted a wish to alter the world as they desire. They are categorised like a deck of regular playing cards (4 Aces, 4 sets of 2-10, 4 Jacks, 4 Queens, 4 Kings, 1 Joker), and therefore there are 53 Undeads in total. Among the Undeads, categories Ace, Jack, Queen and King, and the Joker, which does not belong to any category, are the strongest. Categories Jack, Queen and King are considered High-Level Undeads, and are capable of shapeshifting into a human form, as well as human speech. The Joker is capable of doing that as well, along with many other special abilities.

Because the Undeads are immortal, they need to be sealed since they cannot be killed. When an Undead was defeated, God would seal it, and the final remaining Undead would be declared the winner. However, if the Joker were to win, the world would be destroyed. The winner of the Battle Fight was the Human Undead, who wished for the world to be populated by humans, which has been the case ever since.

In the present day, Hirose Yoshito, a scientist with BOARD, unsealed the Undeads in a bid to discover the secret of their immortality to save his dying wife, which ended up killing him and setting the Undeads loose, terrorizing the world.

Category Ace[edit]

Category Ace Undeads are considered to be the best fighters among the Undeads. Sealed Ace Undead cards are used with the Rider System to transform the user into a Kamen Rider.

Beetle Undead[edit]

The Change Beetle card.

Stag Undead[edit]

The Change Stag card.

Mantis Undead[edit]

The Change Mantis card.

Spider Undead[edit]

The Change Spider card in its purple, corrupted form. The Change Spider card with an orange background, a sign that the Spider Undead is no longer in control.

  • Deck: Ace of Clubs
  • Used by: Kamijou Mutsuki (Kamen Rider Leangle)
  • Appears in: Episode 11, Episode 12, Episode 13, Episode 14, Episode 42 and Kamen Rider Blade the Movie: Missing Ace
  • The Spider Undead acted an an accomplice of the Peacock Undead, in their quest of creating the ultimate Kamen Rider, as it summoned yellow spiders to latch onto ideal hosts, and eventually finding one in Kamijou Mutsuki. Sealed by Kamen Rider Garren, the Change Spider card was stolen by Isaka, the Peacock Undead, but was eventually retrieved and used by Mutsuki to change into Kamen Rider Leangle. However, what he did not know was that the Spider Undead was not properly sealed and was able to control his body, giving him villainous thoughts.
  • At the end of Episode 18, the Leangle Buckle and Change Spider card were stolen and used by Kiryuu Gou, a former BOARD member who wanted it for his warped methods of justice. However, he was quickly defeated and the belt and card were returned to Mutsuki.
  • Affected by the Titan's venom in Episode 42, the Spider Undead began to completely take over Mutsuki's body, even turning him temporarily into the Spider Undead itself, but was eventually separated from his body when Mutsuki was trying to use the Rouse Absorber to change into the King Form, with the help of the Tiger Undead and the Tarantula Undead. The background of the Change Spider card turned from purple to orange as a sign that the Spider Undead was no longer in control.


The Change Kerberos card, an artificial Undead card created by Tennouji Hiroshi.

Categories 2-10[edit]

Categories 2 to 10 Undeads have varying strengths, and are more common due to their numbers. They cannot shapeshift into anything else nor are capable of human speech. It does not appear that their number has any relation to their strength. Sealed Category 2 to 10 Undead cards are used to invoke special abilities. Multiple cards can be used in succession to activate a more powerful attack.

Lizard Undead[edit]

The Slash Lizard card.

Armadillo Undead[edit]

The Bullet Armadillo card.

  • Deck: 2 of Diamonds
  • Appears in: None
  • The Armadillo Undead does not make an appearance in the series. Its card is used by Tachibana Sakuya/Kamen Rider Garren for offensive purposes.

Human Undead[edit]

The Spirit card.

  • Deck: 2 of Hearts
  • Appears in: Episode 32 and Episode 46
  • The Human Undead was the winner of the Battle Fight. As his reward for winning it, he wished for the world to be populated by humans, which has been the case ever since. The Human Undead was willingly sealed by the Joker/Kamen Rider Chalice, who uses it as his human form. It is shown in Episode 46 that the Human Undead can communicate through telepathy, when he temporarily possessed Aikawa Hajime's body.

Bee Undead[edit]

The Stab Bee card.

  • Deck: 2 of Clubs
  • Appears in: None

Lion Undead[edit]

The Beat Lion card.

Frog Undead[edit]

The Upper Frog card.

  • Deck: 3 of Diamonds
  • Appears in: None

Head Undead[edit]

The Chop Head card.

  • Deck: 3 of Hearts
  • Appears in: None

Mole Undead[edit]

The Screw Mole card.

Boar Undead[edit]

The Tackle Boar card.

Pecker Undead[edit]

The Rapid Pecker card.

Dragonfly Undead[edit]

The Float Dragonfly card.

Rhinoceros Undead[edit]

The Rush Rhinoceros card.

  • Deck: 4 of Clubs
  • Appears in: None

Locust Undead[edit]

The Kick Locust card.

Whale Undead[edit]

The Drop Whale card.

  • Deck: 5 of Diamonds
  • Appears in: None

Shell Undead[edit]

The Drill Shell card.

Cobra Undead[edit]

The Bite Cobra card.

  • Deck: 5 of Clubs
  • Appears in: None

Deer Undead[edit]

The Thunder Deer card.

Firefly Undead[edit]

The Firefly card.

  • Deck: 6 of Diamonds
  • Appears in: None

Hawk Undead[edit]

The Tornado Hawk card.

  • Deck: 6 of Hearts
  • Appears in: None

Polar Undead[edit]

The Blizzard Polar card.

  • Deck: 6 of Clubs
  • Appears in: None

Trilobite Undead[edit]

The Metal Trilobite card.

Tortoise Undead[edit]

The Rock Tortoise card.

Plant Undead[edit]

The Bio Plant card.

  • Deck: 7 of Hearts
  • Appears in: Episode 02 and Episode 36
  • Appeared in Episode 02, attacking people at an observatory, including Amane. Defeated and sealed by Chalice.

Jellyfish Undead[edit]

The Gel Jellyfish card.

Buffalo Undead[edit]

The Magnet Buffalo card.

Bat Undead[edit]

The Scope Bat card.

  • Deck: 8 of Diamonds
  • Appears in: Episode 01
  • Appears in the opening scene of the first episode. It gave Garren some trouble until Blade showed up, before Garren seals it with the Burning Smash attack.

Moth Undead[edit]

The Reflect Moth card.

Scorpion Undead[edit]

The Poison Scorpion card.

Jaguar Undead[edit]

The Mach Jaguar card.

Zebra Undead[edit]

The Gemini Zebra card.

  • Deck: 9 of Diamonds
  • Appears in: None

Camel Undead[edit]

The Recover Camel card.

  • Deck: 9 of Hearts
  • Appears in: None

Squid Undead[edit]

The Smog Squid card.

  • Deck: 9 of Clubs
  • Appears in: None

Scarab Undead[edit]

The Time Scarab card.

Chameleon Undead[edit]

The Thief Chameleon card.

Centipede Undead[edit]

The Shuffle Centipede card.

Tapir Undead[edit]

The Remote Tapir card.

  • Deck: 10 of Clubs
  • Appears in: None

Category Jack[edit]

Category Jacks are among the group of High-Level Undeads, are very strong and capable of shapeshifting into human forms and human speech. Sealed Category Jack cards are used with the Rider System to shift into the Jack Form.

Eagle Undead[edit]

The Fusion Eagle card.

Peacock Undead[edit]

The Fusion Peacock card.

Wolf Undead[edit]

The Fusion Wolf card.

Elephant Undead[edit]

The Fusion Elephant card.

Category Queen[edit]

Category Queens are among the group of High-Level Undeads, are very strong and capable of shapeshifting into human forms and human speech. Despite the name, Category Queens do not neccessarily have to be females, as there is actually one male Category Queen, although it does show that Category Queens are mostly females. Sealed Category Queen cards are used with the Rider System, and are required to shift into Jack and King Forms.

Capricorn Undead[edit]

The Absorb Capricorn card.

Serpent Undead[edit]

The Absorb Serpent card.

Orchid Undead[edit]

The Absorb Orchid card.

Tiger Undead[edit]

The Absorb Tiger card.

Category King[edit]

Category Kings are among the group of High-Level Undeads, are very strong and capable of shapeshifting into human forms and human speech. Category Kings are extremely strong as they never go down without an immensely tough battle. Sealed Category King cards are used with the Rider System to shift into the King Form.

Caucasus Undead[edit]

The Evolution Caucasus card.

Giraffa Undead[edit]

The Evolution Giraffa card.

Paradoxa Undead[edit]

The Evolution Paradoxa card.

  • Deck: King of Hearts
  • Appears in: None
  • The Paradoxa Undead does not appear in the series. The Evolution Paradoxa card was in the possession of Trial B, until it was stolen by Tachibana Sakuya for Aikawa Hajime to shift into his King Form, to suppress himself turning into the Joker.

Tarantula Undead[edit]

The Evolution Tarantula card.



The Joker card.

Category Unknown[edit]

Category Unknowns are mostly artificial Undeads created by Tennouji Hiroshi. They cannot be sealed, but are not immortal, so they can be eliminated by destroying them.


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