Kamen Rider Ex-Aid the Movie: True Ending

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Kamen Rider Ex-Aid the Movie: True Ending
劇場版 仮面ライダーエグゼイド トゥルー・エンディング
Ex-AidMovie Collector's Pack(BR Cover).jpg
Collector's Pack Blu-ray cover
Director Nakazawa Shoujirou
Writer Takahashi Yuya
Studio Toei
Distributor Toei Video (Retail)
Release date(s) August 5, 2017 (2017-08-05)
Running time 61 minutes
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Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
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Ep 42 >

The Kamen Rider Ex-Aid summer movie.

Double featured with Uchuu Sentai KyuuRanger the Movie: Geth Indabee no Gyakushuu




  • The VR studio is probably a reference to the VR boom that's ongoing in 2017.
  • Mighty Creator VRX is probably a reference to Super Mario Maker, where players can design levels for Mario.
  • Hurricane Ninja is a reference to Hurricaneger. The voice of the Ex-Aid drivers is Kageyama Hironobu who sang the ending theme for that show.
  • In the after credits bonus, Build appears and explains that Ex-Aid stands for Extreme Aid.

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