Aira Tekkan

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Aira Tekkan
Japanese 姶良 鉄幹
Actor Yoshida Tomokazu
Alt identity DekaBreak
Other names Tetsu
Series Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger
First appearance DekaRanger 22
Catchphrase Nonsense!

Aira Tekkan (Tetsu) / DekaBreak of Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger.

A super elite from the S.P.D.'s Tokkyou division that was sent to Earth when the Hell's Siblings attacked and rendered the other DekaRangers powerless. He at first is very arrogant and doesn't believe in "good luck" or the "power of justice"; however, after seeing the other DekaRangers growing because of their strong beliefs in justice, Tetsu grew in an interest in them and remained on the Earth branch. His main weapon is on his left hand, the BraceThrottle, which contains a series of deadly attacks. Tetsu also blurts out his catchphrase, "Nonsense", in English at times.