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And now my findings for the Dekaranger Bluray episodes. (Also of note, some of these episodes refer to Igaroids as Egaroids, I can't remember which ones, prolly easier to just search the scripts)

-Episode 1-

00.21 two :'s, remove one of them. 12.28 DekaVehicle, change to DekaVehicles as it's referring to plural vehicles.

-Episode 2-

10.10 Kaijuki, change to Kaijuuki 24.26 change pro to pros

-Episode 3-

4.14 Kaijuki, change to Kaijuuki 18.00 Aanaroids, I think it's supposed to be Anaroids?

-Episode 5-

1.18, change 'on their appearance' to 'by their appearance' 1.56 The 1,2,3,4,5 thing they say has a different translation compared to every other episode, change for consistency.

-Episode 6-

8.07 "Ready to set up Deka Vehicle" previous episodes had it as one word, also since it's multiple, should be DekaVehicles? Again at 8.28 22.57 Deka Machine, again remove the space.

-Episode 7-

4.25 'All Check. Ok.' Change to All checks? 5.12 parabola guy -> change to parabola-kun for consistency 14.38 change transport to teleport, his ability is referred to as teleport in episode 8. (also they use the english word teleport)

-Episode 8-

21.04 'There's no such thing as a rain that never stops' Is this correct? 'a rain'?, it would work as 'There's no such thing as rain that never stops' 23.04 Magnet-wire, in Ep 1 it's MagneWire (at 9.07), change one for consistency.

-Episode 9-

13.04 anaroid isn't capitalised

-Episode 11-

4.26 'This is Veeno, a Special Police from planet Biriza.' Special Policeman perhaps? Grammar seems wrong as it is. 5.39 no full stop at the end of sentence 5.41 no full stop at the end of sentence 22.56 Yaho has no punctuation after it, add ! or a comma. 24.30 forgot to sub look forward to next episode

-Episode 12-

24.41 forgot look forward to next week

-Episode 13-

17.59 'Nani' is said, but no subtitles for translation. 24.32 forgot look forward to next week

-Episode 15-

3.47 Is Incenderous a word?..., also if it is, would Banban be smart enough to know it? 14.06 Anaaroid, change to Anaroids.

-Episode 16-

3.16 suggestion : change were to is or was 18.17 'Breast flat position' (is different in the QC file for Ep18 'Resting lying position')