Shougeki Gouraigan 02

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Episode 02
Shougeki Gouraigan episode
Writer Inoue Toshiki
Director Abe Mitsuyoshi
Original air date October 12, 2013 (2013-10-12)
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Episode 01
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Delirious Dancing
Episode List
Shougeki Gouraigan
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Important things that happened

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Guest Stars

  • ? - Wada Sanshirou (和田三四郎)
  • Rai's girl? - 飛田智子
  • ? - 山城秀之
  • ? - 池田?介
  • Rai's girl? - Shinoda Hikari (篠田光里)
  • Rai's girl? - Shibasaki Yuina (芝崎唯奈)
  • Rai's girl? - Miyagi Misuzu (宮城美寿々)
  • Hostess - Shiraishi Sae (白石さえ)
  • Rai's girl? - Nakaoka Yuki (中岡優姫)
  • Rai's girl? - Uesugi Tomoyo (上杉智世)
  • Rai's girl? - Aoi Suzune (青井鈴音)
  • ? - Iwata Arihiro (岩田有弘)


  • Wakabayashi Shinji - Wakamatsu Toshihide 若林シンジ - 若松俊秀
  • Kanzaki Rurika - Dan Mitsu 神崎ルリカ - 壇蜜
  • Morita Ryouko - Andou Haruka 森田リョーコ - 安藤 遥
  • Granny - Asaoka Megumi おばあちゃん - 麻丘めぐみ
  • Asaoka Mirei Mama - Asaoka Mirei アサオカミレイママ - 朝岡実
  • Yumi-san (Bike girl) - Yoshino Yumi ゆみさん - 芳野友美平
  • Bun girl (Asaoka Mirei's friend) - Ishiwatari Asami Uncredited - 石渡麻美
  • Dancing Girl - Amanda Caroline Uncredited - アマンダ
  • Master Shinpei - Hayashiya Shinpei しん平師匠 - 林家しん平
  • Nezumi-senpai (鼠先輩) as Rai's third form.



  • At the end, Granny holds up an Asaoka Megumi album. That's the actress who plays Granny.
  • The ending footage changed, but it's still of Hitomi getting tea for her granny. Gou and Rai are there too. In the background, you can see the Asaoka Megumi record.
  • Gou gets his human form from the model of a body building ad named Komeo-kun.
  • Rai likes drinking and women. It's very likely that his name is the same as thunder/雷 since his powers are lightning related.
    • Rai gets his human form from Naoki. On the poster, Naoki is a guitarist who's new CD is called Raitei/雷帝 or "Thunder Emperor".
    • The third man that Rai turns into is Nezumi-senpai, a real guy.
    • On the Nezumi-senpai's poster is the kanji for Roppongi, but Giroppon in English. This refers to the popular Roppongi district in Tokyo, known for its club scene. Apparently Giroppon is the name of Nezumi-senpai's song.
  • Hitomi's friend Ryouko, who was introduced in the last episode as dating a monster, fixes Hitomi up with Gou. She does this by having Hitomi pay for Gou's food, thus putting Gou in Hitomi's debt.
    • Ryouko runs off after doing this, so it's safe to assume that Hitomi paid for Ryouko's food too.
  • The first girl that Rai picks up is able to see his monster form, but not after he turns into Naoki. No idea why it's inconsistent there.
  • Hitomi continues to show her love or rakugo. In her flashback and when she's with Ryouko, she's listening to Hayashiya Shinpei. It's also always the story of Jugemu apparently.
  • Hitomi spends the episode without glasses or hair bands, because they were blown off at the end of the last episode. To reinforce this fact, she's hit by a bike again at the start of this episode by the same lady. Everything is the same except for the lack of glasses.
  • The episode shows Inoue's love of four kanji idioms again. The episode title means Debauchery, which pertains to Rai. And in the episode itself is the phrase Gongodoudan (言語道断) which means "Outrageous, absurd".
  • With no sense of irony, Navi mocks Gou for walking around in his underwear, despite Navi wearing nothing more than a thong.

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