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January 28, 2011
"Aya-chi"Ayana Taketatsu -Kirino
"Kana-chan" Kana Hanazawa -Kuroneko

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Kirino: Yesterday on the 27th, Oreimo Portable went on sale! Have you all played it?

Kuroneko: And for you traitors who bought a different game, I suppose you're listening to this radio show, aren't yoU? Perhaps I shall curse


Kirino: When I finish recording here, I plan to go home and play the Last Story!

Kuroneko: Looks like you are cursed as well.

Kirino: I have to take my turn at being cursed as well.

Kuroneko: Of course you don't! Don't say such creepy things!

Kirino. Right. Right. Anime Oreimo Blu-ray and DVD are going on sale, so please check them out. And that's it for announcements. So let's read a letter today. This letter is from Peroring-san. Letter: The anime is over, but there's still the Net version. The game's also on sale. I'm sure 2011 will be the year of Oreimo. If it's okay, I'd like to hear Kiririn and Kuronyan's aspirations for 2011.

1:10 Kuroneko: My ambition. Good question. I suppose those who read the original novel know, but I have a really major wish. I plan to put all my effort into that.

Kirino: Eh? What what? If you don't say it, I won't know.

Kuroneko: Please don't list a billion things. Your turn.

Kirino: Me? My ambition is the same every year. This year, I plan to be even more amazing than before

Kuroneko: That is like you... Have you ever heard of modesty?

Kirino: Fool! Just who do you think you're talking to?

Kuroneko: Indeed a good question. I wonder if the listeners have decided on their ambitions?

Kirino: If you work hard for a year, you can achieve one or two things. This is so true. Try it!

Kuroneko: In your case, you have learned to get along quite well with your brother.

Kirino: Shut up! You should be glad that we were able to sort of become friends in a year.

2:10 Kuroneko: <Laughs> Just now, you have said something you should have not. I hope you are prepared to deal with the consequences.

Kirino: Come at me. Shall we take this outside, alone? I'll show you today who the true heroine is.

Kuroneko: Very well. First, let's finish off the corner.

Kirino: So, thanks for listening to the radio today.

Kuroneko: Please listen next time too.



Kana-chan: We did it. We did it.

Aya-chi: Hey, everyone. Yodolehii!

K: What is that?!

A: This show is on Blu-ray and DVD. This is the radio for Oreimo.

K: Yodolehii!

A: You know in Street Fighter 2, the character Balrog (Vega in the west) says that when he wins.

K: I don't know what you're talking about.

A: When I'm happy, sometimes Balrog appears. This time, I came here from my previous job together by bus... bus/taxi.

K: It seems like we spend a lot of time together after the anime ended.

A: Yeah. It seems like we see each other every week.

K: We do. Every week. There are a lot of interviews, aren't there?

A: Yeah. The game just went on sale. There was the interview for the game. We're doing a lot. It feels like it's not over. And now, the Blu-ray and DVD are on sale. But the anime isn't airing. It makes me feel lonely.

K: The anime may be over... But maybe we should do another season?

A: Maybe we should? I wonder if we will. Let's do it. Maybe if you all buy a lot of the DVDs.

K: Oh right. I hear the DVDs are selling well.

A: Is that so? Thank you, everyone.

K: Maybe we'll see you all again.

A: Don't let it end. Maybe it'll continue.

K: There's the Net version. That's right. Then it's not over, but...

A: But let's hope after the Net version end, it'll be like, "The second season is confirmed."

K: I hope we get to say that.

A: Let's work hard for that goal.

K: Maybe we should say it anyway.

A: That'd be an amazing lie.

K: People would get angry with us, right?

5:11 A: Blu-Ray and DVD Volume 2 went on sale January 26th. Also yesterday, 27th the PSP game went on sale.

K: That was fast. It feels like the game was done before we knew it.

A: Yeah. It seems like after we finished recording, it just went on sale.

K: During the interview, I thought about it, and there really are a lot of routes. There are a lot of stories. It's really full.

A: There is a lot of stories not in the anime or the original work. If you haven't played, be sure to check it out. ??Santorin is also selling well.

K: Really? I'll let my little brother know. He might buy it.

A: So everyone, please give your attention to ??Santarin. I mean check it out.

K: Aya-chi. You wrote something on your blog... Something... "Hanazawa Kana is a scary girl." I got a lot of e-mails about it. On another show I do, the "Hitori de" podcast, mail came and I read it. It's like "what are you doing?"

A: Well, listen. I came running in late. I came in saying, "Good morning!" Then Kana-chan looked at me and said "G-good morning." It felt like there was a distance between us. I felt like "Oh, I guess we haven't met in a while so there's a distance."

K: Is that so? There was a distance?

A: There was.

K: In my case, I thought about Aya-chi.

A: That wasn't conveyed.

K: I'm not the type who shows my expressions, apparently.

A: Like poker face? Are you like this on other radio shows?

7:43 K: No. Aya-chi... I... like you.

A: What's with this girl? A confession in the opening?! This is too sudden! It's a surprise!

K: I was heading to the studio. So I got an e-mail from Taketatsu Ayano. It was a single pictograph.

A: So it was an e-mail to say I was secretly watching you.

K: Eh? I thought, what? I got back an e-mail saying "I want to see you, Kana-chan."

A: Well, I was feeling lonely. I hadn't seen you in a while, Kana-chan.

K: That's cute of you to say.

A: On the radio, your chara is cute.

K: That's weird, I think. What of kind of person is this Taketatsu Ayana. Will Hanazawa Kana break?

A: It makes me happy to see you. Let's start. We're still in the opening.

K: But this is fine. I like this talk.

A: But we have a lot of corners and mail.

My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute Either


A: It's been two months since we did this corner. I've been waiting for this corner. Let's introduce one already. Ore no naka (stomach) konna ni puyopuyo no wake ga nai. From a girl, right? Letter: Hello. I'm in high school year 2. I have a little sister in middle school, three years younger. I didn't like my sister up to when I went into high school. I'm not sure what got into me, but last year I got her a Christmas present. In the middle of the night, I crept into her room and left the present on the bedside with the present from our parents. Then from my little sister's room I heard, "There's two presents!" She ran down the stairs and said "Oneechan, thanks!" From then on, I felt love for my little sister. Up till now, I've only been angry once at my cute little sister. Teehee!

11:46 K: That's really heartwarming. It's nice to be sisters. That's so nice. Aya-chi, want to be my little sister?

A: Isn't your little brother enough?

K: But I want to experience what it's like to have a little sister.

A: I want a little sister.

K: Then I'll be Aya-chi's little sister.

A: No way? But Kana-chan is taller, you're more like an oneechan. It's like you're always watching over me. So a middle school getting a Christmas present. I got it too though.

K: You believed in Santa-san, right?

A: Last year, he didn't come.

K: I'm sure everyone will be your Santa-san, Aya-chi.

A: But I was in the position of giving. I gave it to my niece.

K: That's true. Your niece is really cute, isn't she?

A: Yeah. Real cute. It's so bad.

K: Well that sounds really creepy. You make it sound like your niece belongs to you.

13:13 A: I went on a trip for New Year's. We went to Yamanashi. The whole family went in a wagon-type vehicle. My nieces were fighting over the seat. My nieces are seven and three years old. They were fighting over me. It was like "I want to sit by Aya-chan! "Me too!" It happened in real life. I was like, "These girls are like angels."

K: It's like Imouto Maker. I see. Maybe we should make that special footage. That's very mo-e.

A: I had no choice, but sit in the hard to sit middle spot. It was a hard spot to sit. So I had my two nieces by my side. I figured they'd like anime. So I found anime for kids and let them have my iPhone, then we sang together.

K: That's nice. Like Yumeiro Patisserie, you see that a lot.

A: But why Yumeiro Patisserie. K-On? K-On songs can be sung.

K: You know it well.

A: I bought the album.


From Kyousuke mitai na kareshi ga hoshii-san (I want a boyfriend like Kyousuke) A: Oops, I made a mistake.

K: Where are you, Aya-chi? I thought I lost my place.

From radio name Shinseiji-san: Letter: I enjoyed Oreimo. I have a little sister three years only. She's a pain, and is always sloppy. She's on the same level as a middle age man. Not cute at all. But last year, during the countdown, she suddenly got up. I thought, "What's she doing now?" But when the count reach zero, she jumped. She said, "When the year started, I wasn't on the ground!" I thought, "What a fool, but that's kind of cool."

16:26 A: Is this what it's like to be a girl?

K: Yeah. Well, I think you can still make it, Aya-chi.

A: I've never thought of such a girly thing.

K: It's like being a kid and going haha. Shall we jump? Although I'd definitely forget next year.

17:41 From Teido-san: Letter: Isn't the CM for Bou Uchuusenkan Yamato movie's kind of sexy. After the CM, my little sister said, SM is rare in Japan, isn't it? SM? Could she mean SM? "Huh! Forget I said that!" She turned all red and turned around. I thought that was cute.

A: I wonder how old she is.

18:33 From Mashimoripoly: Letter: We go to the same school. When we clean, we'd hear AKB48's Heavy Rotation, my little sister will use the mop as a mic and sing and dance. Even though she says "I hate AKB" I think that's kind of cute.

K: The PV is really cute.

A: Heavy Rotation. The one in bikinis?

K: In underwear.

A: Is it really underwear? That's amazing!

K: I've seen it many times! Mayui is cute.

A: All the members of AKB are cute.

K: It's nice to be an idol. I liked MomoMusu.

A: We like Mayui together. Mayui has everything arranged.

K: Just what you expect from an android.

A: It sure surprised... Android? What?

K: I mean it seems like an android. But Taketatsu Ayana is cute too.

A: What's with this girl. Thanks.

K: What were we talking about? AKB? A girl with a mop. Guess that's it.

A: That was Life Counseling!

Meruru Vs Maschera


K: Aya-chi! Life counseling, was it?

A: I messed up.

K: Normally we'd redo it.

A: The fifth battle is: Otaku Cafe for men VS for women.

K: Which is mine? It's cafe for women, right?

A: I'm for men.

K: I've never been before.

A: For work, I've been to events at maid cafe.

K: Oh right, we've been at a maid cafe.

A: Cure Maid Cafe, was it?

K: There are ones where the skirts aren't really short.

A: Yeah. Long ones. It was cute. Shall we get started? First, Taketatsu oko...

K: Okonomiyaki?

~23ish A: Let's start. First, Taketatsu for guys. Then Hanazawa for girls. Battle start. From I want a boyfriend like Kyousuke-san: I'm a girl, but I'm definitely for maid cafes. First, the restaurants are cute. The maid clothes are cute. And the menu names are also cute. There are fujoshi maids that like manga and anime, so it's fun to talk with them about your hobbies.

K: I see. That makes sense.

Letter continue: Getting along while talking about your hobbies is nice. As fellow girls, there's a lot to talk about.

K: That's nice. Talking with maids who like anime.

A: That's how fujoshi are. "Kyousuke is such a player. Nakamaura-san is so cool."

K: I'm sure he must be like double o.

A: I want to go too. Let's go to a maid cafe for the radio.

K: From pen name Paruru-san: I recommend dansou (dressing-as-men) cafes. At dansou cafes, all the girls are nice. They are real feminists. They are as kind as the ideal man. We know they're actually women, but it's like falling in love with a real guy sometimes. When you leave you're back in reality, but in the cafe, it's like a dream.

25:18 K: Well. Girls that dress as men are nice. Lately, men that become women, otokonoko, has been popular.

A: I wonder if it's like that.

K: It's not. It's like, kyunkyun (tugging heart strings)

A: Delusions are fun like this. I'm sure it's more fun in real life.

K: Whoa, what's with that face?

A: This is my, I want to try it.

K: I want to try both. Next.

A: Go ahead.

K: It's yours, Aya-chi.

26:23 A: What's wrong with me today? From Kyousuke's little sister is too cute that it's hard to live: The most interesting cafe for men are the miko (priestess) tea ones. Nearby there's a temple, I saw some miko running. I thought there was a festival somewhere. The girls dress as pure miko. I like miko more than Meruru. (A bunch of names I don't get). Unfortunately, the restaurant. But apparently there's a miko cafe in Osaka.

K: Isn't this Hayami's character?

A: Kiraboshi!

K: This is Oreimo.

A: Do it. I want to hear it. Kiraboshi! Araaaa!

K: Wrong character. That was funny though. Ayase. Hayami.

A: I'm sure he likes Hayamai-tan.

K: Working as a miko would be nice.

A: Yeah but no one is hiring. I even looked.

K: You looked? Maybe you should go to a temple. My friend did it.

A: Did she wear the white and red thing? Nice.

K: Although I guess she was pretty busy.

A: I think it'd suit Hayami-chan more.

K: Yeah, it'd fit Hayami.

A: It's for a fine lady. There's a nobility about it. I'm sure a miko would fit.

K: Why didn't we get her to wear it for Oreimo Festival?

A: Why Oreimo now?

K: Because cosplay would have been okay there. My turn: 29:54 From Nana-san: I recommend Kana-chi's cafe for girls. I like Ikebukuro's Swallowtail. It's probably the most famous butler cafe. Unlike maid cafe, butler cafes have ranks. House steward, second steward, groom of chamber.

A: You wrote in hiragana?

K: Well I don't know. Next is butler. Letter continued: First footman. Then patisserie. Kyuuiji.

A: What's a kyuuiji?

K: Maybe it's like a black butler? A cook? Letter continued: I didn't understand the meaning at first. But I like feeling like a lady here. Aya-chi and Kana-chi should visit. I want to go. She said it felt like a lady.

A: That's sure like a maid. I wonder if they'll do something with my shoe or blow the hair from my face.

K: Delusions sure are nice. It might be more exciting at a butler cafe.

A: Yeah. The show might be more interesting. Yeah, it's for work.

32:43 A: From Gunman-san: In episode 9 you wondered if there were little sister cafe. There are. When you enter, the female employees/little sisters will say "Welcome back Oniichan or Oneechan." There are anime goods inside. Anime and tokusatsu music will play in the background. There are only counter seats. You can talk with the little sisters without honorifics. Sometimes you can talk with the other Oniichan or Oneechan. Anime or games are all okay. When you leave the shop you give an allowance.

I guess the allowance is the tip?

Continue: The little sisters will see you off while waving at the door. It's a fun shop.

That's kind of good.

K: But it says you can talk with other Oniichan/Oneechan. I wonder what that means. Like "Our little sister is cute" or something? I wonder what they talk about.

A: That's a mystery.

K: Is it like being relatives. I don't get it.

A: But paying money ruins the fantasy, right? So making it like allowance makes it seem better. Like "Come again."

K: But Aya-chan. "Here's your allowance." On to the next one: 34:38 Radio name Takami Yuu-san: This is my first mail. I'm really excited.

Exciting! How cute. Stay excited!

Continued: This time I want to talk to you about maid cafes. But these are maid cafes for girls, so I guess this is okay for the girls version? The one I go to often is Wonder Parlor or ??Shatsukisa or Cure Maid Cafe or Seito Hame Kisa. Maids originally were people who helped around the house, right? There are a lot of maid cafe where the skirts aren't short and colorful. There's black or brown docile colors. The skirts are long. Simple designs. The hair are properly put up. And they don't have frolicky attitudes. Those are my ideal maids. They sell tea or scones. Of course there are male customers, but for a woman like me who wants to spend a quiet time alone, those maid cafe are best.

A: Seems like it's easy to get exciting.

K: Like they don't do moemoe janken (rock paper scissors).

(Kana starts to tell a story, but decides not to because it'd bring up a weird person)

K: It'd be easy to get into that.

A: At an event, I went to Cure Maid Cafe. Everyone's skirts was long. Everyone had a pure feeling.

K: It feels natural.

A: The hair is put too. Not cute. Every time, I think either is fine. Let's go today!

Life Consultation


A: From Koucha-san: Just which am I? -Kentauros (Latinized to centaur) The top part is human, but the bottom is a horse. Which is it? Is it like jinmen (human face)

K: That's only the face! Jinmen. That'd be scary. That'd mean a horse with a human face.

A: But the top part.

K: Jinmen would be more scary! Which would you say? Is a kentauros child a kentauros?

A: Well, if they marry a human woman, then surely the child is human. Right?

K: I see. A human and a horse... When you think about that... I get what you're saying, but let's just call them kentauros. On to the next one.

40:10 A: From Takatano-san: To come so cheerfully like that. -Kyoto I see. It's like "Let's go to Kyoto!"

K: I'm sure one'd put up their barriers if that happened.

A: Well you get an image of going there for a change of pace.

K: Going there by Shinkansen is 2 and a half hours, right?

A: Yeah. Let's go.

K: Aya-chi, let's go to an onsen together. Don't you want to do a snow seeing onsen?

A: I do! But it'd be hell to go in. It'd be cold.

K: At this time. But you can only see the snow now. While looking at the snow, Taketatsu licking.

A: What about onsen while looking at sakura. It'll be warmer too. I want to go on a trip. Kana-chan is broken. It seems like Kana-chan breaks down a lot recently.

K: It's just sometimes, Aya-chi looks at me with a look like she's after me.

A: I don't!

K: People sure will get angry with me.

A: By who?

K: It'll be like. "Stay away from our Taketatsu!"

A: But my manager likes Kana-chan. "That Kana-chan is cute."

K: Mimicking him again?

43:07 A: Next. From Zacky-san: Kana-chan suddenly touched my thigh. -Taketatsu Ayana.

K: This is true story. Sorry for touching it.

A: It's not that I was against it. But after touching it, you had such a disappointed face.

K: The expression had nothing to do with you, Aya-chi.

A: When I wrote it on the blog, the emoticon I used looked like it.

K: Just now I touched Aya-chi's coat.

A: This girl really is touchy. Normally she touches my butt.

K: You make me sound like a hentai woman or a pervert. Let me explain. Aya-chi, it was a cold day. The coat looked warm, so while touching it, my hand touched your butt.

A: It was like, someone touched me! But I didn't really notice till you said it. It was like "You touched me just now?"

K: I didn't know I was so skilled.

A: Watch yourself.

K: I think this is quite a problem. I was thinking I'd be arrested someday.

A: Kana-chan is broken, so let's put this at an end.



K: Sorry, Aya-chi. Looks like I sexually harassed you.

A: It's just your usual thing.

K: Gasp! I see, guess she should be on the watch then.

A: But a little bit is okay.

K: Episode 13 will come out February 11.

A: Oh. Before Valentine's?

K: That's true. We just finished New Year's and Valentine's is already coming. How busy.

A: After you turn twenty, the days feel like they go faster.

K: If you say that, they'll go even faster.

A: When you get older, it's amazing, but you feel more lonely.

K: Yeah.

A: It's like, just how much shorter will it get.

K: Hey, wait a moment.

A: Think positive. Think positive.

K: Maybe there'll be some worries related to Valentine's?

A: So write in!

K: We'll be waiting for your mail for our various corners! The topic for the sixth Meruru VS Maschera. Here it comes! Card Captor Sakura VS Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.

A: But I like them both! What is that?!

K: But you like Sakura, right?

A: I'm Sakura? Alright! I'll do my best!

K: I'm Sailor Moon.

A: Both are good.

K: This is a battle where neither of us can lose. Let's make it heat up. We'll be waiting for your letters.

48:18 A: That went so fast. I'm glad I met you, Kana-chan.

K: This girl!

A: But it's true.

K: But if you say that so readily, I get the wrong idea.

A: Wait a moment! Why are we confusing friendship with romance. Is this a shoujo manga? It was fun. It's time!

Both: Bye bye!