OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders: ~An Elegant Search! Your Personal Rider 48~

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ネット版 オーズ・電王・オールライダー レッツゴー仮面ライダー ~ガチで探せ!君だけのライダー48~

A set of Net Movies to supplement Let's Go Kamen Riders. There are 48 in all including one EX which was included in the DVD release. Initially released online in sets of 8 beginning March 11, 2011 and ending on April 15, 2011. The DVD was released on August 05, 2011.


Each segment is narrated by either Urataros, Momotaros, Sieg, or Kivat. They introduce the Rider in question before going into the actual segment itself. After the segment is over, they talked about the Rider's soul friend, devil Rider, lover and husband if you're a girl.



Narrator: Urataros

Riders (Zodiac Sign and Blood Type):

  • Black RX (Sagittarius A)
  • Den-O Rod Form (Libra B)
  • Kick Hopper (Aries AB)
  • IXA (Sagittarius B)
  • Den-O Wing Form (Capricorn A)
  • Super-1 (Capricorn O)

This segment has Eiji asking Hina's father, General Shadow, for permission to marry Hina. General Shadow insults Eiji and refuses to allow him to marry Hina. So Eiji transforms into the highlighted Rider to try to convince General Shadow to allow him to marry Hina.

Green Pepper

Narrator: Momotaros

Riders (Zodiac Sign and Blood Type):

  • Riderman (Capricorn AB)
  • Shin (Capricorn B)
  • Hibiki (Cancer B)
  • Blade (Aquarius O)
  • Stronger (Aquarius B)
  • Apollo Geist (Aquarius AB)

This segment has Hina serving Naoki food that contains green peppers in it. So the highlighted Rider tries to get Naoki to eat them in their own way.

Top Billing

Narrator: Kivat

Riders (Zodiac Sign and Blood Type):

  • W (Gemini A)
  • Punch Hopper (Gemini AB)
  • Den-O (Libra O)
  • NEW Den-O (Scorpio O)
  • Scissors (Cancer AB)
  • Zolda (Taurus O)

This segment has Eiji and Ankh arguing over who's the bigger star until the highlighted Kamen Rider appears to calm down them with their personality.


Narrator: Sieg

Riders (Zodiac Sign and Blood Type):

  • ZO (Virgo O)
  • V3 (Aquarius A)
  • ZX (Virgo B)
  • Sky Rider (Sagittarius AB)
  • Ichigou (Virgo AB)
  • OOO (Pisces O)
  • G3 (Virgo AB)

This segment has the highlighted Rider speaking to a bunch of Shocker grunts about the movie before talking about a problem they have before being escorted off the stage by OOO, Den-O, and Ichigou.

Lucky Item

Narrator: Kivat

Riders (Zodiac Sign and Blood Type):

  • X (Pisces A)
  • Faiz (Scorpio A)
  • Nigou (Aries A)
  • Black (Aries O)
  • Kiva (Virgo A)
  • Agito (Pisces B)

This segment has Kivat describing the lucky item before going to a family of Shocker grunts. The mother and father give their son something similar to the lucky item and their attempt to using it properly.

Lucky Food

Narrator: Momotaros

Riders (Zodiac Sign and Blood Type):

  • J (Leo B)
  • Kabuto (Leo AB)
  • Birth (Scorpio AB)
  • Amazon (Gemini B)
  • Zeronos (Leo O)
  • Sasword (Scorpio B)

Eiji and Hina are trying to figure out what the highlighted Rider wants to eat. Eiji gets it wrong all the time while Hina gets it correct.

Lucky Color

Narrator: Kivat

Riders (Zodiac Sign and Blood Type):

  • Kuuga Mighty (Taurus B)
  • Kuuga Pegasus (Sagittarius O)
  • Kuuga Dragon (Libra A)
  • Kuuga Titan (Taurus A)
  • Kuuga Growing (Pisces AB)
  • Kuuga Ultimate (Libra AB)

Ankh is raiding the freezer for ice but finds none at all. So he tries wearing something with the lucky color to get ice to appear.

Card Battle

Narrator: Kivat

Riders (Zodiac Sign and Blood Type):

  • Ryuki (Aries B)
  • Decade (Gemini O)
  • Raia (Cancer A)
  • Odin (Taurus AB)
  • Knight (Cancer O)
  • DiEnd (Leo A)

The highlighted Rider is playing a poker game with Garren, Chalice, and General Shadow. The Rider has a terrible hand so they use their card based powers to turn the tide.


Voice Work



  • Only Den-O and Kuuga are showcased multiple times with a different form each time.
  • The titles for each net movie has something related to the highlighted Rider.
  • All of Kuuga's forms are all in one segment type.
  • Kivat has the most segments which is four while Momotaros has two segments with Urataros and Sieg with one each.
  • Urataros is the only narrator that appears in his own segment.
  • In the Lucky Color segments, a non-CG version of Kivat is used even though the rest of the segments have a CG version of him.
  • Virgo AB is the only sign/blood type combination that appears twice. The second occurrence is the Type EX segment with G3.
  • For the "Rider's soul friend, devil Rider, lover and husband" part, every possible combination for Riders is used like W's forms and OOO's subforms.
  • Apollo Geist is the only non-Rider to have his own segment.

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