Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode Zero

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Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode Zero
魔進戦隊キラメイジャー エピソードZERO
KiramagerEpZero DVD.jpg
Director Yamaguchi Kyouhei
Writer Arakawa Naruhisa
Shimo Ayumi
Composer Matsumoto Junichi
Studio Toei
Release date(s) February 8, 2020 (2020-02-08)
Running time 28 minutes
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Mashin Sentai Kiramager
Episode Zero
Ep 01 >
With Ryusoul VS Lupin VS Pat the Movie

The Mashin Sentai Kiramager prequel movie. First released as a part of the Sentai Movie Party with Kishiryuu Sentai Ryusoulger VS LupinRanger VS PatRanger the Movie



Mashin Mecha


  • Atsuta Jyuuru - Komiya Rio 熱田充瑠 - 小宮璃央
  • Imizu Tametomo / KirameiYellow - Kihara Rui 射水為朝 / キラメイイエロー - 木原瑠生
  • Hayami Sena / KirameiGreen - Shinjo Yume 速見瀬奈 / キラメイグリーン - 新條由芽
  • Oshikiri Shiguru / KirameiBlue - Mizuishi Atom 押切時雨 / キラメイブルー - 水石亜飛夢
  • Ooharu Sayo / KirameiPink - Kudo Mio 大治小夜 / キラメイピンク - 工藤美桜
  • Hakataminami Muryou - Kosaka Daimaou 博多南無鈴 - 古坂大魔王
  • Kakihara Mizuki - Saiba Mizuki 柿原瑞希 - 西葉瑞希
  • Haruhi - Mizuno Karin 定光はるひ - 水野花梨
  • Captain - Okano Tomonori 隊長 - 岡野友紀
  • Movie Director - Arakawa Daizaburou 映画監督 - 荒川大三朗
  • Doctor - 高橋宏典 医師 - 高橋宏典

Voice Actors

  • Red Kiramei Stone - Suzumura Kenichi レッドキラメイストーン - 鈴村健一
  • Yellow Kiramei Stone - Iwata Mitsuo イエローキラメイストーン - 岩田光央
  • Green Kiramei Stone - Akabane Kenji グリーンキラメイストーン - 赤羽根健治
  • Blue Kiramei Stone - Okawa Genki ブルーキラメイストーン - 大河元気
  • Pink Kiramei Stone - Nagaku Yuki ピンクキラメイストーン - 長久友紀
  • Mabushiina - Minase Inori マブシーナ - 水瀬いのり
  • King Oladdin / Narration - Sugita Tomokazu オラディン王 / ナレーション - 杉田智和
  • Garuza - Nakamura Yuuichi ガルザ - 中村悠一
  • Kurantula - Takato Yasuhiro クランチュラ - 高戸靖広

Stunt Actors

  • KirameiRed - Ito Shigeki キラメイレッド - 伊藤茂騎
  • KirameiYellow - Tsutamune Masato キラメイイエロー - 蔦宗正人
  • KirameiGreen - Gomi Ryoko キラメイグリーン - 五味涼子
  • KirameiBlue - Takeuchi Yasuhiro キラメイブルー - 竹内康博
  • KirameiPink - Shimozono Ayumi キラメイピンク - 下園愛弓

Song Used


CM from the TV broadcast version after episode 10.

  • Sponsor footage
  • Sushiro
  • Super Sentai Movie Party Blu-ray
  • Dragon Quest X
  • Celebrity Qualification Check ~Basic~
  • Preview for next episode


  • Jyuuru goes to Hikarigamine High School which has the kanji for "light" in the name.
  • Sena wears SCRTC brand sportswear. SCRTC was the company that supported the GekiRangers.
  • Oladdin's name is based on Odin, or possibly a play on Aladdin.
  • Mabushiina's name is derived from the Japanese word mabushii (眩しい), which means "dazzling" or "radiant".
  • Kurantula is a combination of kurai (dark) and tarantula.
  • Garuza's name is probably from Utgarda-Loki who was the ruler of a castle in Jotunheim from Norse mythology.
    • Garuza's name is a play on the Arabic word غلظر/gulzar ("garden") and the Persian word گلزر/golzar ("beautiful").
  • Hakataminami says the idiom "Dumpling soup instead of worries" (案じるより団子汁). It means instead of being anxious, it's better to enjoy life with food and stuff.[1]
  • When there's only four members, Hakataminami asks if one of them is the invisible man, a movie that just came out recently.

TV version

TV version
Studio Toei
Release date(s) May 17, 2020 (2020-05-17)
Running time 23 minutes
Mashin Sentai Kiramager
< Ep 10 Episode Zero TV version
エピソードZERO TV版
Start Dash Special >
With Kamen Rider Zero-One President Special PART.01

During the Covid-19 outbreak, Toei had to close their studio for a time. To fill in the gap, they aired an edited down version of Episode Zero. The original movie was 28 minutes, which was reduced to 23 minutes for TV. The TV version was aired on May 17, 2020 (2020-05-17), after episode 10.

The TV version had to cut 5 minutes to fit the air slot. Summarized from HowlingSnail from Reddit:

  • Credits added over the scenes at the beginning.
  • Most of the scenes that weren't deleted run a few frames short.
  • Added a narrator saying the show's name at the credits.
  • The narration of Mabushiina saying "And so starts the search for those with strong Kiramental..." now plays over the scene of Sena getting ready to run.
  • In the garage fight, that remains uncut, while the OP instrumental was used in the Movie version, the TV cut has the lyrics for the TV Version, while the second verse and chorus remain as instrumental.
  • The scene where each Stone calls their partners' name (and they are shown on screen) is now narrated by Mabushiina, and those four shots are shorter.
  • The transition to Fire looking for Jyuuru starts before.
  • The scene of Jyuuru finishing the drawing starts a few frames after.
  • Garuza's scene now features Mabushiina's last narration, and Garuza remains silent up until he puts on his weird helmet. It also runs a few frames shorter.
  • The last few frames of KirameiRed are slower and have a fade added instead of going straight to black.
  • No credits at the end.
List of Cut Scenes
  • Deleted scene: Mabushiina is found. Goes straight to the CARAT building scene where she awakes.
  • Deleted scene: Mabushiina awakes the Stones. Goes straight to them watching Sena. (There was an added transition shot of Mabushiina between scenes).
  • Deleted scene: Sena meets Mach & Mabushiina. Goes straight to the Shiguru acting scene.
  • Deleted scene: Shiguru meets Jetter & Mabushiina. Goes straight to Tame competition.
  • Deleted scene: Tametomo meets Shovellow & Mabushiina. Goes straight to Sayo's surgery.
  • Deleted scene: Sayo, Mabushiina & Heliko on the hospital hallway, where she receives the Kiramei Changer. Goes straight to Fire & Mabushiina looking for Jyuuru.
  • The scene where the Yodon Beast comes to Earth is also shorter, starting when the shadow appears instead of the few moments where everyone was at peace, and a few in between scenes are also cut.
  • Deleted scene: The Kiramagers put on their uniforms. Goes straight to them on the hallway, walking on slow motion.

DVD version

Toei released a DVD version separate from Sentai Party that's 30 minutes long (Although the Toei site says it's 34 minutes). There was no Blu-ray equivalent.


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