Kamen Rider OOO All Stars: The 21 Stars and the Core Medals

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ネット版 仮面ライダーオーズ ALLSTARS 21の主役とコアメダル

A set of Net Movies to supplement OOO Wonderful. There are 23 with one EX that was included in the DVD release. Initially released from July 8, 2011 to August 12, 2011. The DVD was released on December 9, 2011.


Each segments consists of three keywords: subject, medal, and place. After the main part is finished, Bell will show a clip from OOO Wonderful of the subject in question.


Voice Work[edit]



Head Core Medals[edit]


Eiji plays games with a girl but ends up using various Combos to try to win the games.


Ankh gets a hard bump to the head and reverts to a child like state. Chiyoko gets Ankh to do various cosplays.


Uva gets advice from Kougami and Satonaka about how to make friends.


Kazari gets a job at Cous Coussier.


Gamel gets advice from Kougami and Satonaka to be an adult to Mezool.


Mezool tries to seduce Maki with a romantic dinner.


From the point of view of a new employee of the Kougami Foundation, you attend a welcome ceremony hosted by Kougami, Satonaka, and Gotou.

Arm Core Medals[edit]


In the point of view of Shingo, he takes Hina to the zoo where she meets a couple of Yummy and Latorazou.


Chiyoko takes a vacation to the Amazon which Date takes over Cous Coussier and converts to an oden shop.


Gotou goes on a date because he was ordered to by the Kougami Foundation.


Satonaka is lecturing Date and Gotou for being useless.


Chiyoko gets advice from Kougami and Satonaka about the unnatural happenings at Cous Coussier.


From the point of view of Maki's doll, Kiyo-chan, Maki tries to put on some clothes for it but Date gets in the way.


Eiji tries to figure out why Tatoba is a Combo and Maki helps him with the answer.

Leg Core Medals[edit]


Eiji asks for Kougami and Satonaka's advice about why Gatakiriba isn't shown much even though it's called the ultimate Combo.


Ankh and Date compete in a quiz based on Latorath.


Ankh and Date compete in a quiz based on Sagozou.


The Greeeds decided to eat out to Cous Coussier which Tajador serves them.


Ankh and Date compete in a quiz based on Shauta.


Ankh and Date compete in a quiz based on Putotyra.


Gotou does a checkup on Date to see if the surgery was a success.


Extra 1

Eiji does a race where he says all of OOO's subforms.

Extra 2

Fourze appears in Maki's lab which Maki tries to understand Fourze.

Extra 3

It's the same as Extra 1 but this time it's unedited.


  • Uva is 832 years old, Kazari is 816 years old, Gamel is 806 years old, and Chiyoko is 30 years old.
  • In the Taka segment when Eiji, Hina, and Date were talking about Ankh's condition, there was a text box shown on-screen. They referred to cities in Japan.
  • In the Taka segment, a doll of OOO was thrown at Ankh even though it was supposed to be a full-size OOO that was being thrown at.
  • In the Gorilla segment, the caged Yummy are the Shachi-Panda and Bison Yummy. They were also in the OOO HBV.
  • In the Kamakiri segment, Hina mentions that Date is a gourmet sensitive to the seasons. It was from the Let's Go Kamen Rider Net Movies.
  • In the Unagi segment, Gotou admits that he's a manual man. This is shown by how he handles Birth so well because he read the manual.
  • In the Kujaku segment, Satonaka becomes Birth for the only time.
  • In the Kuwagata segment, Uva adds his own name to the end of his sentences. He did this at an event on May 4, 2011.
  • In the OOO Wonderful clip showing Uva, a censor was added to cover up one of the Purple Medals since the Net Movies were being released before the actual movie came out.
  • In the Tricera segment, the sound is muffled. Most likely it's due to being the point of view of Kiyo-chan, Maki's doll. It's not the first time that it has been thrown into oden.
  • In the Tora segment, Kiyo-chan is wearing a hawk hood, a tiger shirt, and green pants for the Tatoba Combo. When OOO is shaking Maki, it's rather obvious that he's shaking a doll of him.
  • The reason why Tatoba is a Combo is because it's show off the unique features of OOO like how W starts out with CycloneJoker to show off the duality of it. Also it's called Tatoba not Takatoba is it can't be sing easily.
  • Satonaka is wrong about the number of times Gatakiriba has appeared: it's actually three but she's right if just counting the TV appearances not from Movie War Core.
  • Gatakiriba isn't shown much because of the cost. It's also the reason why there was a censor on OOO's pelvic area because it's an adult reason.
  • The holes on the Cheetah legs is where the jet propulsion to make him fast comes from.
  • The Gorilla arm parts is called the GoriBagoon.
  • The suckers on Tako not only used for clinging onto surfaces but to prevent the enemy from escaping. Also there are 40 of them.
  • In the Putotyra segment, Putotyra throws dolls of Ankh and Date around.
  • In the Wani segment, Date refers to Tajador as Red Gatchaman, Shauta as Ultraman and Putotyra as Evangelion.
  • In the Fourze segment, Maki is temporary replaced with a doll when being grabbed with Magic Hand. Also Kiyo-chan was riding a space shuttle at one point.

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