Kamen Rider Agito the Movie: PROJECT G4

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Kamen Rider Agito the Movie: PROJECT G4
劇場版 仮面ライダーアギト PROJECT G4
AgitoMovie Blu-ray.jpg
Director Tasaki Ryuuta
Writer Inoue Toshiki
Composer Sahashi Toshihiko
Studio Toei
Distributor Toei Video (Retail)
Release date(s)
Running time 70 minutes
Gross revenue 1.25 billion yen
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Kamen Rider Agito
< Ep 33 PROJECT G4
プロジェクト ジーフォー
Ep 34 >

The Kamen Rider Agito summer movie. The first Heisei Rider movie.

Double featured with Hyakujyu Sentai GaoRanger the Movie: Hi on Yama, Hoeru.


At last the battle begins! Friend or enemy? The strongest Rider appears!


  • An army of Unknown attack an institution at the JSDF. Only, Sayaka and Rei survived the attack and they got separated from each other for two months.
  • Fukami Risa joins the G3 unit for training. However, she quits later after stealing the G4 System blueprint. Ozawa is surprised to see G4 is active.
  • Fukami uses Mana to power the Prediction System for G4.
  • Hikawa and Mizuki battle against each other in order to prove who believes in the right ideal. Hikawa believes in living life while Mizuki believes in embracing death.
  • Mana envisions that someday Shouichi will be killed by the Mysterious Young Man.


Formica regia (フォルミカ・レギア)
  • Ant Lord
  • Name meaning - Queen ant 王族のアリ (女王アリ)
formica:Ant アリ (蟻).
regia:Royalty. 王家, 王族.
Formica eques (フォルミカ・エクエス)
  • Ant Lord
  • Name meaning - Ant knight 騎士のアリ
eques:Knight, mounted warrior. 騎士, 騎士階級.
Formica pedes (フォルミカ・ペデス)
  • Ant Lord
  • Name meaning - Foot soldier ant 歩兵のアリ
pedes:Foot soldier. 歩兵, 歩兵隊.

Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider G4 (仮面ライダーG4)
G3-X by comparison
Height - 192cm
Weight - 176kg
Punch force - ~2.5t
Kick force - ~7.5t
Solidity - 10
Running force - 100m/8s
Jump force - 20m

仮面ライダーG4 or Generation 4

Height - 198cm
Weight - 187kg
Punch force - ~4t
Kick force - ~13t
Running force - 100m/7.5s
Jump force - 25m
  • GM-01 Version 4
  • Gigant
Four missile launcher.
Kamen Rider Gills Exceed (仮面ライダーギルス エクシード)
Kamen Rider Agito Burning Form (仮面ライダーアギト バーニングフォーム)
Kamen Rider Agito Shining Form (仮面ライダーアギトシャイニングフォーム)

Movie Characters

Mizuki Shirou / Kamen Rider G4 (水城史朗 / 仮面ライダーG4) - Karato Ryo
  • A soldier who wears the suit of the G4 System.
Fukami Risa (深海理沙) - Ozawa Maju
  • A captain in the military. She poses as a trainee for the G3 unit in order to steal the blueprint of the G4 System.
Kahara Sayaka (加原紗綾香) - Kimura Akane
  • A girl who survived the Unknown's attack.
Motoki Rei (本木レイ) - Ootaka Rikiya
  • A boy who survived the Unknown's attack.


  • Tsugami Shouichi / Kamen Rider Agito - Kasyu Toshiki 津上翔一 / 仮面ライダーアギト - 賀集利樹
  • Hikawa Makoto / Kamen Rider G3-X - Kaname Jun 氷川誠 / 仮面ライダーG3-X - 要潤
  • Ashihara Ryou / Kamen Rider Gills - Tomoi Yuusuke 葦原涼 / 仮面ライダーギルス - 友井雄亮
  • Kazaya Mana - Akiyama Rina 風谷真魚 - 秋山莉奈
  • Mizuki Shirou / Kamen Rider G4 - Karato Ryo 水城史朗 / 仮面ライダーG4 - 唐渡亮
  • Fukami Risa - Ozawa Maju 深海理沙 - 小沢真珠
  • Kahara Sayaka - Kimura Akane 加原紗綾香 - 木村茜
  • Motoki Rei - Ootaka Rikiya 本木レイ - 大高力也
  • Ozawa Sumiko - Fujita Touko 小沢澄子 - 藤田瞳子
  • Houjou Tooru - Yamasaki Jun 北條透 - 山崎潤
  • Sawaki Tetsuya - Ogawa Atsushi 沢木哲也 - 小川敦史
  • Mysterious Young Man - Haneo Rei 謎の青年 - 羽緒レイ
  • Kouno Kouji - Taguchi Kazumasa 河野浩司 - 田口主将
  • Omuro Takahiro - Shibata Akiyoshi 尾室隆弘 - 柴田明良
  • Misugi Taiichi - Tanabe Tokimasa 美杉太一 - 田辺季正
  • Sayaka's Father - Ujiki Tsuyoshi 紗綾香の父 - うじきつよし
  • Sayaka's Mother - Watanabe Noriko 紗綾香の母 - 渡辺典子
  • Hamburger Shop Customer - Nakamura Shunsuke ハンバーガーショップの客 - 中村俊介
  • Ant Lord - Anan Kenji アントロード - 阿南健治
  • JSDF teacher - Nakagami Chika 教師 - 中上ちか
  • Police Official - Kazi Kentarou 警視庁幹部 - 加地健太郎
  • Fukami's Subordinates - Matsubayashi Shinji 深海の部下 - 松林慎司
  • Fukami's Subordinates - Kaneko Yutaka 深海の部下 - 金子裕
  • Police Commissioner - Fujioka Hiroshi (Special Appearance) 警視総監 - 藤岡弘
  • Misugi Yoshihiko - Masu Takeshi 美杉義彦 - 升毅

Voice Actors

  • Formica Regia - Tsuru Hiromi フォルミカ・レギア - 鶴ひろみ
  • Formica Eques - Shibamoto Hiroyuki フォルミカ・エクエス - 柴本浩行
  • Fromica Pedes - RIDER CHIPS フォルミカ・ペデス - RIDER CHIPS
  • Fromica Pedes - Yasui Kunihiko フォルミカ・ペデス - 安井邦彦
  • Fromica Pedes - Anai Yuuki フォルミカ・ペデス - 穴井勇輝
  • Fromica Pedes, G4 Operator - Shiono Katsumi フォルミカ・ペデス、G4基地オペレーター - 塩野勝美

Stunt Actors

  • Kamen Rider Agito - Takaiwa Seiji 仮面ライダーアギト - 高岩成二
  • Kamen Rider G3-X - Ito Makoto 仮面ライダーG3-X - 伊藤慎
  • Kamen Rider Gills - Oshikawa Yoshifumi 仮面ライダーギルス - 押川善文
  • Kamen Rider G4 - Okamoto Jirou 仮面ライダーG4 - 岡元次郎

Songs Used

Jiken Daa!!
Lyrics, Composer: Toutasu Matsumoto
Arranger, Singer: ulfuls
Kamen Rider Agito 24.7 version
Lyrics: Fujibayashi Shoko
Composer, Arranger: Miyake Kazunori
Singer: Ishihara Shinichi


  • G4 is considered a cursed System because it will eventually kill the user, yet the suit will still move because of the AI. Many died before Mizuki was chosen to wear the suit.
  • The movie is credited as being a celebration project for Toei's 50th anniversary and Kamen Rider's 30th anniversary.
  • Fujioka Hiroshi appears as the Police Commissioner in the movie. He was the actor who portrayed Hongou Takeshi / Kamen Rider Ichigou in the original Kamen Rider. Agito, as a series, is the 30th anniversary of Kamen Rider.
  • The movie takes place over the course of three months, so the final act probably occurs later on in the TV series than when the film appeared in theaters. (Movie released between episodes 33 and 34)
  • Continuity error: Ryou has pain from transforming, even though Mana fixed them when he was brought back to life.
  • The Unknown in the movie attack telepathic people as well as normal people who are associated with such people. In the TV series the Unknown attack telepathic people and their blood relatives. Perhaps these Unknown have different orders than the TV series versions.
  • A random person mistakes Shouichi for Kongouji. This is a random name that Shouichi once called Hikawa, back when he was first learning his name.
  • The movie features many forms that don't appear in the TV series till later. The movie was released one day before the episode when Burning Form appears. And Shining Form and Gills Exceed don't appear for many episodes after that.

Director's Cut

Director's Cut
AgitoMovieDC DVD.jpg
Studio Toei
Distributor Toei Video (Retail)
Release date(s) August 9, 2002 (2002-08-09)
Running time 88 minutes

An extension of the movie with additional footages that are not shown in the theatrical cut.

A list of extended or edited scenes:

  • Longer cut of Sayaka being tested of her powers.
  • After Taiichi says Mana and Shouichi are neighborhood nuisances, he wonders why Shouichi is learning piano. He tells Taiichi that he's doing it for his plants to help them grow better and been keeping records of this experiment. Misugi begins to realize that it's been one year exactly since Shouichi started living in his house. They decide to go out for dinner to celebrate.
  • Before the G3 team meets Fukami for the first time, they have a discussion about the new member in the hallway and planning to go out for yakiniku before encountering Houjou. As usual Houjou talks down to them saying that they will be more of an actual team with the new member from the JSDF. He mentions the incident with the Unknown a month ago that had a lot of victims.
  • The scenes at the yakiniku restaurant were much longer than the small scene with Omuro and Fukami. It starts off with the G3 team and Fukami. Ozawa questions Fukami and eventually begins to make remarks about her dress and not eating the meat. Then Shouichi and the others join them. Omuro and Fukami end up alone together. Misugi and Ozawa get into it since she was a rebellious student in his class once. During the Omuro and Fukami scene, there's a cutaway to Ozawa asking for another draft beer.
  • When the G3 team learned that Fukami quit the following day, there was a mention of the yakiniku restaurant along with Ozawa questioning Omuro about Fukami which he blackout from drinking too much the night before.
  • Before the fat guy started playing the ESP game on his phone, there's a cut of people with their cell phones all ring at once that the game appeared. Everyone except the fat guy put their phones away and continue with their business. There's also an extended cut of him playing the game before the Unknown kills him.
  • When Rei says that he can't do anything without Sayaka, there's an extended cut of him stealing a drink from a guy with his powers.
  • Sayaka watches Taiichi's class playing soccer before it starts raining.
  • After Sayaka collapses from being in the rain, there's an extended cut of Shouichi taking care of her along with Mana playing the piano. The piano music is added in this scene and transitions into Sayaka's memory of her parents.
  • Extended cut of Sayaka's memory of her being by the piano crying after the death of her parents.
  • There's a cut of the middle-age guy whom Rei tries to steal from. He wins the ESP game at a restaurant and leaves immediately afterwards.
  • Kouno and Houjou investigate the scene where the middle-age guy was killed by the Unknown.
  • Removal of outside shots of Police HQ before Kouno asks Houjou about the ESP Quiz. These shots were moved to after Fukami kidnaps Mana.
  • Extended cut of random guy who thinks Shouichi is Kongouji-kun.
  • After Hikawa and Mizuki talked in the freezer, Ozawa still argues with Fukami about the G4 System and even tries to slap her at one point before she blocks her. Before leaving Fukami thanks her for the G4 System and offers to pay for yakiniku next time.
  • Extended cut of Sayaka playing the piano and after she closes the cover of the piano, a guy notices Rei massaging an old man.
  • Fukami has her men finish adjustments of the G4 System Prediction Ability as she receives word about locating Rei. She is pleased as Sayaka won't be too far behind.
  • Mana wakes up Shouichi to inform him about Sayaka being missing comes before Sayaka finds Rei at the bridge where he was doing massages.
  • Discussion between Shouichi and Hikawa about death is extended which Shouichi mentions that he thought about death but stopped since he never died.
  • When Hikawa and Shouichi talked about becoming stronger by carrying the burden of death, and when Ozawa knocked on the car window after leaving the base, these two scenes are filmed from a different angle.
  • After Ryou transforms into Gills, he tells Rei to get off the bike before heading towards the compound. He also fights some of the Unknown attacking the soldiers.
  • After Gills Exceed defeats Formica eques Unknown, Rei appears. Gills warns him to get away and manages to scare him off before collapsing.
  • Sayaka takes back her bracelet from Mana to draw away the Unknown. As she is about to get eaten, Agito in Shining Form defeats them easily.
  • Mana's vision was extended. Shouichi encounters the Mysterious Young Man in the city streets with Sawaki nearby. Shouichi transforms into Agito before the scene moves to the middle of nowhere.
  • Ending credit sequence has the first opening sequence from the TV series in the background instead of the second opening sequence.


Original Creator: Ishinomori Shoutarou (石ノ森章太郎)
Supervisor: Onodera Akira (小野寺章)
Writer: Inoue Toshiki (井上敏樹)
Director: Tasaki Ryuuta (田崎竜太)
Music: Sahashi Toshihiko (佐橋俊彦)
Cinematographer: Matsumura Fumio (松村文雄)
Editor: Osada Naoki (長田直樹)
Action Director: Yamada Kazuyoshi (山田一善)
(Japan Action Enterprise)
  • Toei (東映)
  • Toei Animation (東映アニメーション)
  • TV Asahi (テレビ朝日)
  • Toei Video (東映ビデオ)
  • ADK (エーディーケー)
  • Toei Advertising (東映エージエンシー)
  • Bandai (バンダイ)


  • 40:35 - change "that" into "who".
  • 1:13:24 - change "withdraw!" into "retreat!".
  • 1:13:26 - missed "This is dangerous." and a comma after the "continue".


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