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Episode 13
狩 Hunting
Garo ~Yami wo Terasu Mono~ episode
Writer Umeda Sumiko
Director Umetsu Yoshiomi
Original air date June 29, 2013 (2013-06-29)
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Garo ~Yami wo Terasu Mono~
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Important things that happened[edit]

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Guest Stars[edit]




  • The new opening and endings by JAM Project start with this episode.
  • Okamoto Yoshinori is the suit actor who famously had an episode devoted to him in AkibaRanger 2.
  • Kusaka Hideaki is also a big Sentai suit actor. He's also been the human form for Tottopatto in ZyuRanger and Kagi Doukeshi in DaiRanger.
  • There's a shipment list from Dream Garden Hills, the place where Rui's family died. It lists name, age, gender, and whether the person is good, bad, or atrocious.
    • There's a mistake in the date column. It lists Tue, Wed, Sat, and ERI.
    • There's also North Hills and South Hills listed. Most of the list is from Dream Garden Hills, which is the temporary residency for new immigrants to the city. It makes sense since new people wouldn't be established, so no one would notice them disappearing.
    • Despite the list being separated by date, the names are obviously listed in alphabetical order. Rui's family names aren't on the list.
    • The Japanese word they use for dream is actually kibou which is more closely associated with "hope".

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