GCCX 012

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Episode 012
Assault! Showdown at Takeshi's Castle
GameCenter CX episode
Original air date April 27, 2005 (2005-04-27)
Season 3
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Test of Strength! "Takeshi's Castle"

In this challenge corner, Arino plays "Assault! Showdown at Takeshi's Castle" (Bandai, Family Trainer, 1987), a game inspired by the 1986-1990 Tokyo Broadcasting series Takeshi's Castle and which required the Family Trainer accessory (known in North America as the Power Pad) to play (marking the first GCCX challenge using the device).

Popular Corner "Moshi Dai"

In "Arino's Great Moshimoshi Strategy," Arino plays the Famicom game "Gansou Saiyuki Super Monkey Daibouken" (VAP, 1986). When Arino comes across a sequence or problem that he cannot conquer on his own, he calls viewers at home in response to postcards they have sent. This time, Arino asks about a problem that he had in the corner's first appearance-that battle screens randomly appear and disappear ("How can he win the battles?").

However, even after he wins a battle, he finds that he did not get anything (i.e. a bonus item or an EXP gauge increase). But that's a problem for next time...

Odawara's cheap sweet shop and game center

In this "Tama-Ge" corner, Arino visits Natsukashi Yokochou (Nostalgia Lane), a candy shop in Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture. This store, modeled after candy shops of the Showa era, has an area dedicated to 20 10-yen medal game machines from over 20 years before the episode's production.

Games on Sale 1985

  • April 17 - Space Invaders
  • April 20 - Championship Load Runner
  • April 22 - Yie Ar Kung Fu
  • April 22 - Antarctic Adventure Kekkyoku Nakyoku Daibouken
  • May 24 - Chack'n Pop
  • June 18 - Wrecking Crew
  • June 20 - Star Force
  • June 28 - Elevator Action
  • July 9 - Field Combat
  • July 11 - Road Fighter


  • At Takeshi's Castle there's a Dragon God's Pond, a reference to the Dragon God's Palace from the Urashima Tarou legend.