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30th Super Sentai series
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Each GoGo Vehicle has a number assigned to it. To summon the vehicles, the Boukenger has to press the corresponding number on the Accellular.

GoGo Vehicles[edit]

1 GoGo Dump[edit]

Boukenger mecha 01.jpg

BoukenRed's GoGo Vehicle
First Appearance: Episode 01

2 GoGo Formula[edit]

Boukenger mecha 02.jpg

BoukenBlack's GoGo Vehicle
First Appearance: Episode 01

3 GoGo Gyro[edit]

Boukenger mecha 03.jpg

BoukenBlue's GoGo Vehicle
First Appearance: Episode 01

4 GoGo Dozer[edit]

Boukenger mecha 04.jpg

BoukenYellow's GoGo Vehicle
First Appearance: Episode 01

5 GoGo Marine[edit]

Boukenger mecha 05.jpg

BoukenPink's GoGo Vehicle
First Appearance: Episode 01

6 GoGo Drill[edit]

Boukenger mecha 06.jpgFirst Appearance: Episode 04

7 GoGo Shovel[edit]

Boukenger mecha 07.jpgFirst Appearance: Episode 05

8 GoGo Mixer[edit]

Boukenger mecha 08.jpgFirst Appearance: Episode 07

9 GoGo Crane[edit]

Boukenger mecha 09.jpgFirst Appearance: Episode 09

10 GoGo Jet[edit]

Boukenger mecha 10.jpgFirst Appearance: Episode 16

11 GoGo Fire[edit]

Boukenger mecha 11.jpgFirst Appearance: Episode 20

12 GoGo Aider[edit]

Boukenger mecha 12.jpgFirst Appearance: Episode 20

13 GoGo Police[edit]

Boukenger mecha 13.jpgFirst Appearance: Episode 20

14 GoGo Commander[edit]

Boukenger mecha 14.jpgFirst Appearance: Episode 33

15 GoGo Carrier[edit]

Boukenger mecha 15.jpgFirst Appearance: Episode 33

16 GoGo Fighter[edit]

Boukenger mecha 16.jpgFirst Appearance: Episode 33

17 GoGo Attacker[edit]

Boukenger mecha 17.jpgFirst Appearance: Episode 33

18 GoGo Roader[edit]

Boukenger mecha 18.jpgFirst Appearance: Episode 33



Boukenger mecha daibouken.jpg

DaiBouken Drill
Boukenger mecha daiboukendrill.jpg
DaiBouken Shovel
Boukenger mecha daiboukenshovel.jpg
DaiBouken Drill and Shovel
Boukenger mecha daiboukendrillandshovel.jpg
DaiBouken Mixer
Boukenger mecha daiboukenmixer.jpg
DaiBouken Drill and Mixer
Boukenger mecha daiboukendrillandmixer.jpg
DaiBouken Crane
Boukenger mecha daiboukencrane.jpg
DaiBouken Drill and Crane
Boukenger mecha daiboukendrillandcrane.jpg

Super DaiBouken[edit]

Boukenger mecha superdaibouken.jpg

Ultimate DaiBouken[edit]

Boukenger mecha ultimatedaibouken.jpg


Boukenger mecha daitanken.jpg


Boukenger mecha sirenbuilder.jpg

GoGo Voyager[edit]

A screen showing the GoGo Voyager's combination in detail.

Boukenger mecha gogovoyager.jpg


Boukenger mecha daivoyager.jpg

Voyager DaiBouken[edit]

Boukenger mecha voyagerdaibouken.jpg

DaiVoyager Drill and Shovel[edit]


  • The various Boukenger robo are homages to past Sentai series.