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An Imagin and one of the main characters on Kamen Rider Den-O.

Voice Actor: Yusa Koji 遊佐浩二

Suit Actor: Eitoku 永徳


Urataros appears to be the second Imagin to possess Nogami Ryoutarou, though it is later revealed to be the third. He chooses Ryoutarou specifically because he is Singular Point. When and if the Imagins successfully changes the flow of time, everything on the original timeline (except the Singular Point) will be affected and disappear. Ryoutarou, being a Singular Point, will not disappear when the timeline changes. So by attaching himself to Ryoutarou, Urataros will also be safe and not disappear when that happens.

His image of a blue turtle is based on Urashima Tarou. Naomi is the one who decided on the name "Urataros".

Catch Phrases

Mind if I reel you in?

There are a hundred hooks behind words.

A thousand fictions, ten thousand lies.


Urataros is smart and is usually the thinker of the group. When he first possesses Ryoutarou, he refers to Ryoutarou as a fish he caught. He'd go out for nightlife in Ryoutarou's body, without Ryoutarou's permission. As a result, Ryoutarou is not getting enough rests and even does not have enough stamina for Momotaros to fight properly in Sword Form. Urataros likes to use lies to manipulate others to do as he wishes, and thought he could do the same to the DenLiner crew. This often results in quarrels and fights in the train car. Eventually, Owner steps in and offer Ryoutarou a choice to not share his train pass with Urataros. Without the pass, Urataros will be kicked off DenLiner and wander inside time eternally.

Earlier that day, while Ryoutarou and Hana were investigating a boy who was an Imagin contract holder, Urataros lied so he could possess Ryoutarou and went on a date with Hana. However, Hana got angry and scolded him in front of the boy, which also caused the boy to reflect on his own lies and told the truth about the Imagin. Quoting this incident, Ryoutarou says that Urataros lied on purpose so the boy would start telling the truth. He explains that although lying is bad, lying for others proves Urataros is still a good Imagin, and allow him to continue to share his train pass on the DenLiner. While that event isn't Urataros' intention at all, Urataros find respect in Ryoutarou for thinking that way. He never acts out of line again and assists as Rod Form in the fight against the Imagins.

Urataros is quiet the ladies man. He enjoys having female companies all the time which earned him the nickname "Perverted Turtle" from Momotaros. He is a smooth talker, a skill that is often useful for obtaining information during investigations. He addresses everyone politely with proper honorifics, expect for Momotaros who he calls "Sempai". At first, he called Momotaros sempai just so Momotaros would stop bothering him, but they got used to the term and he continues to address Momotaros as sempai throughout the series.

Kamen Rider Den-O

Henshin Forms:

Involved Forms:

Weapon Form:

Image Motif

Urataros, Den-O Rod Form and DenLiner Isurugi's designs are inspired by the Japanese legend Urashima Tarou (浦島太郎 Urashima Tarō).

  • Urataros is based on a turtle and his catch phases are fisherman motif;
  • Rod Form too is based on a turtle, and the DenGasher Rod can be used as a fishing rod;
  • DenLiner Isurugi can detach a turtle-shaped hovercraft for Rod Form to ride on, similar to Urashima Tarou riding a turtle in the legend.


  • Urataros first henshin to Rod Form is while underwater, making it the only time Den-O ever henshin underwater.