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20th Ultraman Series
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Created by Shiina Takashi

Originally released in TV-kun Magazine. From December 2004 to August 2005.

Only chapters 1-9 were released in the original run. For the original run, each chapter was 12 pages long, except chapter 9, which was 14 pages.

The Tankoubon release has chapter 10, which is 28 pages, or twice the length of all the other chapter releases. Since Nexus was cancelled at the end of June, and didn't air for a full year, chapter 10 probably would have covered the September and October issue releases for TV-kun.

Tankoubon release

Released for the 10th anniversary of Nexus.

Release May 23, 2015 (2015-05-23)
Price - 1200 yen
ISBN 978-4-09-126159-5
  • Includes a foldout colored poster.
  • A note from the manga creator, Shiina Takashi.
  • A summary of each of the episodes of the TV series.
  • A timeline for Nexus from the N Project Nexus TV series bible.
  • An interview with Komon's actor Kawakubo Takuji and producer Shibuya Hiroyasu
  • Two pages of 4koma comics featuring Shiori

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